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By: Spectra-medic  11-11-2011
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Renal Stone treatments

Revolix Prostate and Surgical Laser

Spectra-Medic has added the

, a 2 micron surgery laser which performs bloodless surgery for which we also have the sole distribution rights for Southern Africa. It is a Thulium Yag laser and is perfect for prostate surgery, general surgery, gynocology and other disciplines.

Currently available at all private hospitals in Cape Metropole, Stellenbosch, Paarl and Somerset West as well as in Gauteng and Free State on mobile basis.

ESWL: [Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy]
This is a method of using externally generated shock waves to cause kidney stone fracture and then be passed as sand grain sized particles through the normal urine passages.

The shock wave is generated by the equipment using an electrode ("spark plug"). When the plug is electrically activated, it causes a rapid shock wave to develop, focussed by the reflector, and which then passes through the soft tissue of the body on to the kidney stone. Multiple shocks will be required to fracture the stone, depending on it’s composition.

The focusing is carried out by means of x-ray or ultrasound equipment.

A rubber membrane fits over the elipsoid (reflector) which is filled with a water and Saline mixture. This filled membrane is then placed up against the patient's skin, which has been coated with a special coupling gel to transmit the shock wave. The equipment is also ECG coupled and activated to be syncronized with the patient’s heartbeat. This means that if the heart beats faster more firings will occur and visa versa over a given period of time.

Spectra-Medic currently uses more than 18 ESWL machines throughout South Africa and Namibia for treatments.

The laser treatments may be applied in the fields of Urology (resection of prostate, opening of strictures, excision of bladder tumors, laser Lithotripsy), Arthroscopy (Synovectomy, capsular shrinkage, cartilage smoothing, Menisectomy, capsular shrinkage), PLDD, ENT and in General Surgery.

We are doing laser treatments in most hospitals in the RSA. Since our employees are in theatre every day we are in a very favorable position to market disposables and other products directly to specialists and hospitals.

The Laser service may be booked for treatments at all our branches.

  • Spectra-Medic is a distributor of Sacred Heart and other disposables for urological and gynacological usage in the RSA.
  • We started this project during 2003 and is busy to set up our systems to market this project through our national network.
  • Sacred Heart is an international company with outstanding reputation and quality. All urologists that uses this product are extremely satisfied with it.

Urodynamics is the study of the bladder's ability to hold urine and empty it in a normal fashion. An urodynamic evaluation is performed in patients with a variety of voiding problems, such as urinary incontinence and inability to urinate. While not all patients with these problems require urodynamics, careful testing can often help establish the cause of the voiding problem and help your physician to direct appropriate treatment.

An Urodynamic study combines imaging of the urinary tract, which may be carried out with x-rays or ultrasound, and a computerized study of the bladder muscles and its ability to hold and pass urine.

Electromagnetic Innervations for Incontinence


NeoControl is a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy for the treatment of incontinence in patients who suffer from incontinence caused by a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. It is based on a revolutionary technology called Extra Corporeal Magnetic Innervations (ExMI). This technology produces highly focused pulsing magnetic fields and exercises all the muscles of the pelvic floor, whilst the patient sits in a comfortable chair, fully dressed.

Treatment is performed in a series of 16 successive sessions and is highly effective.

Shock wave technology was first used in kidney and ureteric stone fragmentation. To date, all kinds of body calculi are successfully treated by extracorporeal shock wave therapy. We use


as an alternative to surgery in treating calcified shoulders and other aches and pains of the bones and tendons.

Treatments are to be booked in advance, and are offered in the Western Cape and Gauteng.

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Dr Johann Bahlmann  •  +27 (44) 873-4364
Dr Hans Rabe  •  +27 (21) 930-4450

Keywords: Bloodless Surgery, Stone, Surgery Laser,

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