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By: Southern Game And Bird  11-11-2011
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The "Heart of Africa" Hunting Experience

Hunting the Great Karoo, a vast semi desert region noted for its low rainfall and stark picturesque landscapes with a surprising abundance of game species, were once their roamed great herds.
A truly unique Africa hunting experience.

  1. Location 1 - Eastern Cape / Graaff Reinet and Surrounds

  2. Location 2 - Leeugamka / Prince Albert Road Western Cape, Karoo

  3. Location 3 - Riebeek East / Grahams Town Eastern Cape

  4. Location 4 - Vredenburg / Western Cape, Coastal

  5. Location 5 - Kimberly Central RSA to be confirmed

  6. Location 6 - Loxton/ Great Karoo to be confirmed

1. Location 1 - Eastern Cape / Graaff Reinet and Surrounds
Situated in South Africa's Eastern Cape, the area is fast becoming one of SA's top hunting destinations.  It's bio diversity and good annual rainfall make the Eastern Cape a good choice for game, vegetation is extremely diverse catering for many different game species from Duiker to Buffalo and even Elephant.

We have a selection of Private Reserves to suit your needs from open Grasslands to Mountains with snow capped peaks to truly give you the Eastern Cape Experience.

2 . Location 2 - Leeugamka / Prince Albert Road, Western Cape, Karoo
This is one of our best bow hunting locations with many hides situated in well visited areas were abundant game walk well used paths allowing hunters regular opportunities to bag their ultimate trophy. A quality rifle hunting location offering experienced and inexperienced hunters both young an old many opportunities to bag their dream trophy. Accommodation that out shines the rest, fully catered for, serviced lodge.Truly the most exquisite part of the Karoo you will ever see.

Game includes : Kudu, Desert Oryx (Gemsbuck), Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Zebra, Eland, Impala, springbuck, Duiker and Steenbuck. Enjoy the most beautifully sun sets from a reed Boma in front of a roaring log fire. Defiantly a place to take along the family.

3 . Location 3 - Riebeek East / Grahams Town, Eastern Cape
Riebeek East is situated a stone throw away from Grahamstown in the heart of the Eastern Cape countryside, here Kudu abound, Bushbuck are plentiful as well as an abundance of other indigenous game, Bushpig, Warthog, Blessbuck and Impala breed without hindrance since most predatory species have long since been eradicated. This is a mecca for the walk and stalk hunter be it with Bow, Handgun or Rifle.Your host is experienced and has made his life the Eastern Cape bush, we know were you will find just what you are looking to bag, be it Big Waterbuck, Burchels Zebra or huge Black Wildebeest.The Bio diversity found here support such a wide verity of game that it could be said that the Eastern Cape is a one stop hunt for all species common to South Africa.

4. Location 4 - Vredenburg / Western Cape, Coastal.
Barely an hour and a half�s drive from the Mother City a small yet well stocked Game Ranch supports Eland, Blue Wilderbeest, Blessbuck, Springbuck and Gemsbuck with the occasional ostrich thrown in for good measure, Ideal for Bow hunters and Hundgun Hunters or first time hunters alike, a perfect day hunt without the frills.

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