By: Sonomax Hearing Healthcare  11-11-2011
Keywords: Communications Devices, Measurement Technology

Other Applications

The Sonomax Platform is an extension of our current successful expansion technology into a whole new area. The ear mold has been modified to provide a cavity capable of housing a wide variety of electronic and sound transmission components that are sheltered in a protective housing and yet fit within the confines of the ear mold.

The Sonomax Platform maintains the versatility of the expansion technology and retains the capacity of utilizing our patented measurement technology to confirm performance.

The Platform lends itself to a wide range of in-the-ear applications, including:

  • Hearing aids

  • Communications devices

  • Military applications

  • Emergency response crews

  • Aircraft communications and airport applications

  • Industrial applications requiring communication in noisy environments

  • Hands free mobile communication devices

We can adapt our Sonomax Platform to most in-the-ear applications. Contact us with your requirements and see how we can make our patented expansion technology work for you.

Keywords: Communications Devices, Measurement Technology

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