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By: Solution Corner  11-11-2011

Product Code : JPM-T19
Price : Upon request

The JPM-T9 is a fully digitized Tablet that enables user to directly make hand-writing on screen, interact with PC on Screen and enjoy every kind of computing style like using a Tablet PC, but on a screen much bigger. Complerely different from a regular touch-screen, the JPM-T19 won’t allow the data damage or system crash cased by user’s accidentally touching the screen with fingers. More, because of the built-in digitized Tablet technology behind the Liquid Crystal Dislpay, at thr moment of user’s Computing on JPM-T19, user could also enjoy nicer and higher resolution image with customizable brightness and contrast.


- Electromagnetic technology makes it fast and accurate
- Control button on the upper side of monitor for user convenience
- Anti-glare screen that cuts down on the amount of light
- S/W PEN TOOL e-STATION PEN Ver. 3.5 included
- Wide viewing angle
- EMI Certificate