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By: Solo Wings  11-11-2011

The AQUILLA is fitted with a 50-litre tank, which allows for a very healthy range. With a full tank you can cruise for over four hours, that is 400 km at 80 kph.

The AQUILLA wing is custom made and comes in a few sizes the most popular being the standard 14 sqm or the 15 sqm.

The AQUILLA 14 is designed to be an ideal all round wing and one we recommend for all flying conditions. It is exceptionally predictable with light responses therefore it excels in turbulent conditions. Like all our wings the design characteristics are strength, stability, light handling and a forgiving nature.

The AQUILLA 15 has all the characteristics of the AQUILLA 14 but its main features are higher lift with shorter take off and landing abilities. We recommend this wing when flown at high altitude and in conjunction with the 503 engine.

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11-11-2011 Microlight ultralight aircraft - simpsafty

Some of the features of the AQUILLA are safety cables, extra large tubing, nylon bushes and multiple sleeving in all stress concentration areas, the hang point has an external safety cable which is there purely for psychological reasons and has been tested to 15 G’s, a clear fuel tank to make the fuel level more noticeable plus a fuel gauge and water drain and all the tubing is high grade quality aluminium tested to Aircraft specs.

11-11-2011 Microlight ultralight aircraft - aquilla wings

We also wanted a forgiving wing, which could be flown by beginners and yet would satisfy experienced pilots and be suitable as a training wing.The frame is made of aircraft quality tubing, which is multi sleeved, and where necessary, we use safety cables. The Aquilla Wing is custom made and has been refined over the years to provide the design characteristics of strength, stability, light handling and to also have a very competitive edge.