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By: Solid Forms  11-11-2011
Keywords: Granite, Pots, Benches


Living in nature.

Nothing comes close to the natural essence of Granite. As it develops, over millions of years, its compact nature and durability are formed - a stone for eternity.

Granite comes to life in various shapes and sizes, with the help of artful craftsmanship. One can experience the many faces of granite - its veins, pores varying colours and patterns.Granite is a product of nature. Its flaws are not a sign of bad quality but rather a reflection of the products originality as created by nature.SOLID FORMS can enhance your garden and its surroundings with products from nature. These goods can be found in the shape of pots, fountains, benches and water features.A life with nature.

Solid Forms offers an extensive variety of water features in all shapes and sizes. This allows for everyone’s style. Whether your taste is rustic, classic, formal or playful, we can offer you the perfect product to suit your needs.

Running water is soothing to the soul, attractive to the eye, practical for the watering of small gardens and aesthetically attractive for landscaping purposes.

Your plants will be grounded in natural granite. This can withstand any weather condition and it holds together the root growth of bigger plants. The pots are compact and durable and will never have to be exchanged or replaced. Troughs and pots are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and styles in order to suit your personal or environmental needs.

Enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation on one of these beautiful seating arrangements. They can be placed in parks, on beachfronts and along walkways.  Eye-catching to look at and solid in quality, these benches are virtually indestructible.

Keywords: Benches, Granite, Pots