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By: Sole It Solutions  11-11-2011
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We have the capabilities and experience to provide IT Consulting and Delivery services across the entire IT environment through utilising our core team as well as our strategic partners.

Services Overview

IT Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Services

General IT Management Consulting

Partner Capabilities

  • IT Strategy Planning & Implementation: Business has become increasingly focused on managing the IT strategic, service and cost agendas and ensuring that there is sufficient transparency in this chain. Through our capabilities (which include personal experience, tools and methodologies) we can assist IT management in developing an IT strategy which focuses not only on the internal IT, but also on the external (business facing) delivery.
  • Project & Programme Office & Portfolio Governance: The implementation of any successful IT strategy is dependent on the delivery of the projects which underpin that strategy. Through our processes, we can ensure that the portfolio is prioritised and aligned to the strategy, that the portfolio is optimised and that comprehensive governance is applied to the portfolio. Our capabilities also extend to the design, and development of localised programme offices and governance processes.
  • IT Governance, Organisational Design and Change Management: Over the past few years, numerous new governance processes and standards have been introduced and implemented in IT organisations. The reaction by many IT departments has been to implement the processes without managing the change which these processes have introduced to their resource and organisational requirements, skills sets or organisational design. We have the knowledge, skills sets and capabilities to assist IT to transform itself to operate effectively and efficiently within these environments.
  • Project Management: Project management is a core competency which runs deeply through both our core service offering as well as the service offering of our partners.

Each member of our team has a proven track record of excellence in this field. We have been involved in leadership, management and delivery roles across a range of projects, spanning the entire IT spectrum.

Our key service offerings in this field are:

  • Portfolio and Program Management: The development of project portfolios and programmes, the development and tracking of key measures across the portfolio, portfolio and programme resource planning
  • Project Office (PMO): Portfolio tracking, Methodology implementation, Project Repository management, Project Management and Administrative Support staff training and mentorship
  • Project Quality Management: The development of processes to improve project quality (both project performance and business alignment) and the implementation of these processes
  • Project Audits and Healthchecks: The capability to design, implement and carry out end to end quality audits and Healthchecks spanning the entire project delivery cycle (The Fiduciary Framework, The Project Management Methodology, The SDLC, IT Operational and Governance Frameworks, The Procurement and Corporate Governance Frameworks)
  • Project Management: While our core strengths lie in the areas of Portfolio Management, Project Office, Quality Management and Project Audits, we have the capabilities to manage projects within our team as well.
  • Portfolio and Project Performance Tracking: The development of inter-related Healthchecks to measure actual project, program and portfolio performance

Our aim in this market is to assist our clients in improving the service they provide to their businesses. We are focused on ensuring that the IT department is, in all aspects, aligned to its business customer through the key offerings of:

  • The development of the IT Strategic Agenda and implementation plan
  • The development of the Projects Portfolio and Portfolio Management Processes
  • IT Organisational design
  • Contract and Service Level Agreement Management
  • IT Operations (Infrastructure, Applications) governance (ITIL) process implementation
  • IT Performance Management (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Systems and Applications Risk Analysis
  • IT Cost Management and cost reduction programmes

We have formed strategic partnerships with a number of other independent IT consultants and are thus able to broaden our range of solutions to our clients. Services included in this category include:

  • Enterprise Architecture development and maintenance services
  • Supply Chain Management (Demand management, Strategic procurement, Governance & compliance)
  • Business Strategy Facilitation, Implementation & Change Management
  • Business Transformation
  • Business Process Mapping
  • The supply of competent and capable Project & Programme Managers
  • Project Quality Assurance Services
  • Infrastructure Architecture, Management and Support Services

Keywords: Track Record