Solarspace - Flat Collectors

By: Solar Space  11-11-2011

SolarSpace offers two types of flat collectors.

1. IKARUS Flat Collector

Flat collectors are suitable for all kinds of roofs. They can be assembled vertically and horizontally.

For flat roofs a special construction is built to carry the collectors.

A heattransfer fluid circulates between the collector and the hot water storage tank.

Technical Description

• Rectangular, shallow box made with a strong frame of durable aluminium

• Collector covered with solar security glass, hail resistant

• Casing and cover linked elastically with UV and heatproof special glue

• Absorber surface of highly selected vacuum-coated copper sheet metal, completely welded to the double grille, tested for durable resistance

• Temperature, moist and gas evaporation resistant mineral wool as insulating material in the collector

• Non-toxic heat-transfer fluid circulating through double copper absorbers with two pipeline connections

• Vertical or horizontal installation possible

• 10 years guarantee

• Certified according to EC guideline 97/23/CEE and RAL UZ 73 (blue angel)

2. IKARUS Flat Collector - Interior Modular WK 2

Aesthetically appealing collector which is built into the roof. Suitable for all kinds of roofs with an inclination of over 27°. Especially suitable for new buildings and roof reconstructions. All connections are safely installed under the roof - invisible from outside. A heat-conducting fluid circulates between the collector and storage tank.

Technical Data

Gross surface:           1.00 m²         2.00 m²

Absorber surface:      0,85 m²         1,80 m²

(Other technical data same as Flat Collector)

Technical Description

• Collectors are fixed directly to the roof traverse

• Collectors can be assembled vertically or horizontally

• Non-toxic heat conducting liquid circulates through double copper absorbers with two pipeline connections

• Rear wall of the casing is made of waterproof impregnated wood with 50 mm stone wool as insulating material

• Highly selected coated copper absorber, glass strips, screws and connector set

• Collector is covered with solar security glass, hail resistant

• Connection between tiling and collector through professional roof sheet metal construction

• Roof inclination must be over 27° (in case it is less than 27°, please consult the supplier)

• Certified according to EC guideline 97/23/EC and RAL UZ 73 (blue angel)

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