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By: Solar Direct  11-11-2011
Keywords: Circulation Pump

1 x Evacuated solar tube panel to suite existing geyser size

1 x Solar Laing circulation pump 1x 10w Photovoltaic panel to power the circulation pump

1 x conversion fitting

How it works:

When the sun comes up, the photovoltaic panel produces DC voltage to power the circulation pump. The circulation pump draws the water from your geyser, pushes it through the evacuated solar tube panel heat exchanger and returns it back to your geyser. The process is continued throughout the day, until the sun goes down and the pump automatically switches off, as the photovoltaic panel no longer produces DC voltage. We adjust your geyser thermostat to 40'C so that on days where there is absolutely no UV rays around, you will still have warm water. If there is a power failure, the circulation pump will not be affected as it is powered by the photovoltaic panel, which guarantees hot water irrespective of power failures.


  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Only the evacuated panel can be seen

  • Ideal for Estate living

  • No additional controllers needed

  • Not affected by power cuts-pump runs independently from a 10w PV panel

  • Guaranteed hot water all year round

Keywords: Circulation Pump