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By: Soil & Dust Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: Dust Suppressant, Mine Tailings, Soil Stabilizer

Engineered Polymer Solutions – Science Applied to Roads

The most technologically advanced products developed by Soil Solutions™ ,  EBS™ is a Nano Co-Polymer Emulsified Base Stabilizer that is a highly effective soil stabilizer that increases the strength of the existing soil. Used for Road Construction, Road Upgrades, Gravel Airstrips, Road Surface Seal, and Pavement Protection.

Geogrid Solutions, involve the amalgamation of high strength junctions and stiff ribs, which ensures the ideal automatic retention of loose soil and aggregate into a rigid layer. This property makes the technology perfect for a multitude of commercial, residential, and industrial projects.Geogrids have become an inseparable part of working platforms, parking areas, railway track beds, roads, airports and airfields, housing developments, warehouses, tunnel lining, steep slopes and asphalt reinforcements, among scores of other infrastructure projects, especially those located in swampy or sandy areas.

The integration and use of Dynamic Compaction machines into the construction of roads or rails and port facilities will allow for a substantial decrease in the cost of the traditional cut to fill layers and can render a savings of up to 60% or more of the cost of construction as well as the cost of crushing and screening of selected materials.
The utilization of dynamic compaction in a roadbed significantly increases the strength of the wearing course and base layers of conventional roads, gravel roads and mine haul roads in addition to airport runways and railroad layer works in a shorter period of time.

Durasolution™ is a non-slippery, crystal clear, odorless, environmentally compliant, sustainable compaction aid and wetting agent that is the most effective dust abatement solution available on the market today. This technologically superior and exceptionally effective dust suppressant has consistently proved its efficiency in the most challenging, heavy duty applications such as military installations, helicopter landing areas, unpaved roads, access roads, underground mine and open cast mining operations, mine tailings compounds and even delicate areas such as equestrian arenas and horse and camel race tracks.

The Industrial Dust Machine (IDM) is the most advanced and powerful force against dust emissions and airborne dust fallout generated by rock crushing, screening, conveyor and transfer points by delivering a matchless ability to manage and mitigate dust fallout which can be attributed to its standalone technology. The IDM produces micro-mist particles of water that trap dust particles in the air and guide them back to the ground and is a cost efficient way of managing dust fallout that is of inestimable value to construction sites, demolition areas, landfills, mining and quarrying operations, recycling and scrap yards, concrete and aggregate operations, stockpiles, steel and slag piles, conveyer belts, tipping transfer points and shipping ports.

Keywords: Dust Abatement, Dust Suppressant, Mine Tailings, Soil Stabilizer