softGRID (Pty) Ltd -- software that works

By: Softgrid  11-11-2011

    Aligns IT and business strategies, bringing a business perspective to IT.

    Defines the IT vision, principles, standards and road map that guide customers to select, deploy, run and refresh their core technologies by deploying channel service architecture that enables scalability and sustainability.

    Helps organizations achieve high performance by transforming all aspects of data centre infrastructure and operations.

    Helps clients shape an optimized workplace and implement the work processes and IT infrastructure required to deliver high performance and integration giving time back to the customer.

    Helps clients secure their data, protect identities and build trusted relationships with their customers, constituents and partners.

    Enables clients to harvest the value of existing applications through integration of current software application and infrastructures, to achieve high performance and ease of use from their current software and infrastructures.

    Helps clients assess, diagnose and engineer high performance into their applications, application development and testing processes.

    Utilising Agile Development Methodologies, employing highly skilled and state of the art resources in developing sustainable solution to business challenges. Delivering

“software that works”