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3220C Audi TT Convertible Top.

Audi TT Top with Heated Glass Window. Made with matching cloth binding and original style rainguards above binding. Top made with original style plastic extrusion sewn to the rear of the top at the body rail.

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2003-06 Audi A4 Cabriolet Top with Heated Rear glass. Made with original style extrusions and retainers to assist installation. Top fits to original headliner using our unique system of metal brackets around the rear window. Headliner not supplied.

Original Topping: Sonnenland A5 German Cloth on Black Polyester Dobby backing.

Original Colors: Black, Blue, Marine-Blue, Bordeaux, Jive.

Product Code 2750C

Close 1996-02 BMW Z3 Roadster Top with Green Plastic Window, A.S.C. Made with original
style rear quarter vertical relief pockets added in 1997 by BMW, matching Cloth
binding, topstitched seams and black extrusion sewn around green plastic
window (No Zipper). Fits all 1996-2002 Z3 models.
CABLES 2750 1996-02 BMW Z3 Side Tension Cables (pr).

CAUTION: Severe abrasion of topping, which may lead to cuts and holes developing in tops, and severe creasing of
plastic windows can occur due to the design of the top frame assembly, body components and top. Robbins cannot
be held responsible for any damage to our products caused by problems described above.

Product Code 2713C

Close 1996-99 BMW E36; 318i, 323i, 325i, 328 Top w/Green Plastic Window. No relief pockets.
**Will retrofit 94-95 Models. New OEM Bowstraps required if retrofitting 94-95. 1
Check top straps before installing 2712 & 2713 Tops. See Caution note below
2712C and 2713C Tops made with Cloth Binding and original style black
extrusion sewn around Green Plastic Window (No OE Style Zipper).
Fits with reusable metal front retainer. Headliner not supplied.
CABLES 2712 1996-99 Side Tension Cables for 2712C and 2713C Tops (pr).

CAUTION: Worn top frame straps will prevent top from folding correctly, and cuts or holes may occur when top is
operated. Replacement is recommended if straps are more than 3 years old.

We are pleased to announce the release of our 2714C top to fit 2001-On BMW, Model E46 Top with Heated Glass Window.

Top made with original style Cloth binding and extrusions.

Top fits to original headliner using unique system of brackets into which headliner hooks attach, Patent Pending.

Headliner not supplied.

Original Topping for 2714C: Black, Mauve Blue, Deep Green Haartz Twillfast Cloth with Black Dobby backing.

Product Code 2752C

2003-On BMW Z4 Roadster, one-piece top with heater/defroster glass heat-sealed into the top. OE style metal and rubber rear weatherseal that also serves as body molding. OE style plastic quarter retainers with metal reinforced eyelets.

Original Topping for 2752C: Black, Basalt Grey, Beige Twillfast RPC with Black Dobby backing.

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2005-On Chrysler PT Cruiser Top with Heated Glass Window. Heater/Defroster rear glass is heat-sealed into the top using our distinctive “pocket- seal” technique. Made with original style sound dampener padding, and rainguards along sides to channel water away from doors when entering/exiting in wet weather. Top fits to original headliner using our unique system of brackets into which headliner hooks attach, U.S. Patent Pending. Headliner not supplied.

2537 and 2540 Honda S-2000 Convertible Top.

2537 (Yellow)
2000-June 2001. Honda S-2000 Top with Non-Original Tinted Glass Window. Top made with Original Style Die Cut Plastic Retainers. No Rain Rail.

2540 (Red)
July 2001-On. Honda S-2000 Top with Heated Glass Window. Top made with Original Style Die Cut Plastic Retainers. No Rain Rail.

1997-On Jaguar XK8, XKR

We are pleased to introduce our 2423C top to fit 1997-On Jaguar XK8 and XKR convertibles.

Our 2423C top is made to offer the same fit and appearance as OE Jaguar XK8 and XKR tops. Our 2423C tops are made with original style matching cloth binding, rainguards above the binding, topstitched deck seams and an original style extrusion at the rear which fits into a channel below the belt molding.

Our 2423C top is designed to fit with the original heater defroster glass supplied by the factory. Trim shops however, will have to arrange for a glass company to remove the glass from the factory top and reinstall this in our 2423C top due to Jaguar’s use of a heavy mastic that dries hard to seal the glass in place.
Jaguar has used a variety of toppings and colors for OE XK8 and XKR tops since the introduction of this convertible in 1997, including Haartz Twillfast Cloth and most recently R & S (Haartz) A5 German Cloth. We will be stocking these tops in the most popular black and tan shades of the original toppings, but will offer these tops in blue and other colors as well on a special order basis. We can also make 2423C tops in our Sun-Fast "G" Cloth with Twill weave.

Product Code 2916/2917

1990-05 MX5 Miata, One-Piece Top with Heated Glass, No Deck Seams and No Zipper

We are please to announce our Newly Redesigned 2916/2917 One-Piece Tops with Heated Glass, No Deck Seams and No Zipper.
These tops offer styling very similar to the 2006 MX5 Miata factory top. See MX5 Miata product page for information regarding wiring.
Non-Heated glass versions of these products are also available—see part numbers 2918 and 2919.
• Available with or without Rain Rail (2917 and 2916 respectively)
• Available in Cloth and PVC Vinyl Toppings.
• Our most cost efficient Heated Glass Window tops

Product Code:  2042R 1990-02

Mercedes SL Class 300, 320, 500, 600 Top and Rear 3-Window Assembly.
Original style one-piece (no deck seams) front top section, as adopted by Mercedes Benz in 1992 for model R129. Rear window section has flaps to wrap around upper rear bow straps used on early applications. Cut flaps off if not needed. Top and window sections are made with Hand-Rolled Binding. 5-1/2 valance beneath windows. No piping around windows. Original style elastic. 3 Plastic Windows.
Reusable metal stiffener bars for rear window not supplied.

Product Code: 2040R 1972-89

Mercedes Benz 280, 350, 380, 450, 500, 560 SL Top. Model R107. Side cables and 2040 Rubber Set installed. No Topstitch on deck seams.

2043C Mercedes CLK Convertible Top.

No Glass Window Installed. Original Glass can be reinstalled into 2043C Top. Made with original style Cloth binding with Rain Guards, curved front plastic extrusion, extrusions at quarters, plastic reinforcements, and 1/2 zippers sewn on to listings to zip into headliner. Headliner not supplied.

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Mustang top with Heater/Defroster rear glass. Original style one-piece top. Made with original style plastic extrusions to secure the top to the bows, and original style rubber extrusions sewn in over door glass.

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2004-On Nissan 350Z Roadster, one-piece top with heater/defroster glass heat-sealed into the top. Deck-seams are PHAFF sealed as original.

Original Topping: Nissan Black/Black Twill Grain vinyl

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2003-04 Porsche Boxster Top with Heater/Defroster rear glass window.

Made with original style stitchless French Seam deck seams, rear defroster glass double heat-sealed directly into the top, OEM style sewn-in side tension cables, and no binding.

Original Topping: Flame Singed Sonnenland A5S German Cloth on Black Polyester Dobby backing.

Original Colors: Black, Metropol Blue, Space Grey, Graphite Grey.

Product Code 3162

1997-2002 Porsche Boxster Retrofit Top with Heater/Defroster Glass Window. Fits Boxster convertibles originally equipped with tops with plastic windows. Rear glass heat-sealed into our 3162 top. Made with original style stitchless French Seam deck seams, and no binding. Improved side tension cables and our innovative “Helper Straps” help to prevent the occurrence of problems outlined in the Porsche Service Bulletin Group # 6-61 28 55.

Original Topping: Black, Metropol Blue, Space Grey and Graphite Grey Flame Singed Sonnenland A5S German Cloth with Black Polyester Dobby backing.

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2000-On Toyota MR2 Spyder Convertible Top with Heated Glass Window.

Top made with original style sewn in side cables with nuts to attach to frame, and original style die cut retainer pieces. Original Pebble Grain vinyl not available.

We are pleased to announce the release of our 2066 top with Heatsealed Heater/Defroster Glass Window to fit 2001-On VW Cabrio/Golf IV convertibles.

Our 2066 top is made following the original design with no deck seams and no binding.Our 2066 top is made with metal brackets mounted to the glass, which attach to window "frame hinge" arms that guide the glass when the top is raised and lowered.

Product Code 2068

2003-On VW New Beetle top with heater/defroster glass heat-sealed into the top. Made with reverse deck-seams, rainguards and brackets to allow attachment to guide arms. Fits with the factory original headliner, using our unique headliner attachment system. Patent Numbers 7,051,413 and 7,069,633.

Original Topping for 2068: Black, Titan Gray, Cream A5 German Cloth with Black Polyester Dobby backing.

We have improved the design of our metal brackets by making the base 50% wider than the brackets used by VW in OE Tops, to provide a stronger bond of the bracket to the glass. VW has experienced numerous warranty claims as a result of the failures in the bond of the bracket to the glass. When the adhesive bond fails this causes the brackets to separate from the glass, and as a result the glass does not fold down properly when the top is lowered, causing the glass to break.

Warranty claims have been so severe that VW has been forced to replace the entire top, headliner, pad and top frame assembly on many models. In some instances VW has even used the 1995-2000 style top and top frame assembly in which the glass is held in place by a large rubber weatherseal.We offer our 2066 top made in original style TY Twill Grain Vinyl as well as original A5 German Cloth, SG Sun-Fast "G" Cloth, TW Twillfast Cloth and our SF Sun-Fast Cloth.
What makes Robbins Convertible Tops and Related Products of Top Quality?

The following will explain more about the technology involved in making the products of Robbins Auto Top Company Inc.

Computerized Cutting:

Cutting & Seam Sealing Technology

Robbins use advanced Gerber Cutter cutting technology to design and cut their products. The S-91 Gerber Cutter is one of the top of the line textile cutting equipment. This ensures consistent, precise cutting of convertible tops, and additional convertible products.

Factory Designs Duplicated or Improved:

Robbins evaluates factory designs, and improves upon them when necessary, to find solutions for problems we observe in OE tops such as rub marks or holes created by top frame components. They add reinforcements, change the direction in which pieces are cut, use better heatsealing processes, and other manufacturing techniques. Robbins use original style extrusions and components in manufacturing their products. Robbins goal is to always build the highest quality products, not the most cheaply priced, and we do not use second quality materials, eliminate factory components or design features, as do most of our competitors.

Heatsealed Reinforcements:

Heatsealing is used in most of our products for extra strength and to prevent side to side shrinkage in tops. Heatsealed reinforcements will not bubble or fail over time as do most glued reinforcements. Gluing reinforcments are less expensive. Robbins heatsealed reinforcements add long- term value to their products.

Glass Windows:

All Robbins glass windows are manufactured using full width, first quality toppings, never from small pieces sewn together or second quality materials. Robbins Heatseals glass into our tops and glass window assemblies using the same techniques as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Saab and other convertible manufacturers; and do not use inferior methods which produce weak bonds such as using silicone to install glass into window assemblies.Reinforcements are added for extra strength when necessary, using all factory style extrusions and components, and carefully finish the glass window assemblies to provide quality, good appearance and long service life.

The glass windows are made using tempered safety glass, and are marked AS-2 to show they meet all requirements of the National Traffic and Vehicle Safety Act, and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, No. 205 (Glazing Materials CF MVSS 205).The option of clear, tinted and tinted with heater/defrost glass windows are available.

Plastic Windows:

Like the tops and glass windows, we use only full width, first quality toppings to manufacture our plastic window assemblies. Robbins uses Regalite B.U.V. and Ultrashield plastic sheets, never lower quality less expensive grades. They inspect 100% of the plastic windows before installing them in their products, and duplicate factory style extrusions and components in their plastic window assemblies.

Finish and Detail:

Robbins purchases full width cloth and vinyl binding materials to their specifications, to finish off their tops and other products. The bindings are more supple and sew on easily without bunching around tight curves on tops.Tops that are made with conventional bindings, bunch up in wrinkles when sewn around tight corners, and cannot match the finished appearance of bindings on Robbins tops. Stitching in our products is held to a uniform length, and we do not ship products with broken or erratic stitches.

Pre-Punched Bolt Holes And Alignment Guide Holes:

Robbins has added pre-punched bolt holes for precise fit and to speed installation of convertible tops and glass windows. In addition they show alignment guide holes or guide marks for most other important and American tops and window assemblies to enable trimmers to correctly position top quarters, glass and plastic window assemblies.

Innovation is part of our Heritage:

Robbins has been granted a number of patents for their innovative designs, such as our Rainguard deck seam process for 1980-93 VW Rabbit and Cabriolet convertibles; and our Flex-Hinge extrusion for folding glass rear windows.

In 1994 Robbins developed the first tops with glass window for 1990-97 Miata convertibles, offering Miata owners a top that is far superior to factory tops equiped with plastic windows.

Robbins continues to develop new products, and have patents pending for new manufacturing designs and processes.

Testing and Quality Systems:

Robbins performs stretch testing, sew testing and heatseal testing on cloth and vinyl toppings they receive.They inspect all pieces of glass and plastic sheets and other critical raw materials before they can be used to manufacture their products.

Robbins is the only independent convertible top manufacturer to pass the very tough Ford Q1 Quality Audit. They are currently working to obtain ISO 9000 quality system certification, and are committed to continuous improvement of our processes, products and level of service.

Pro-Rated Warranty:

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of our warranty program. All Robbins Convertible Tops, Glass and Plastic Windows, Tonneau Covers, Headlines,Top Boots and related products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment from our plant. We offer a limited warranty to our products based on the type of topping in which our products are made, and the length of time they have been installed. We guarantee our workmanship, and offer protection against failure in toppings such as cracking, delamination and severe discoloration (except lighter colours of GR Geman Cloth toppings for which no warranty is available) during the warranty periods. Our Warranty does not cover damage caused to our products by failure to properly operate a convertible top and glass or plastic window by not following the procedures outlined in our owner's manual. Any damage caused by abuse whether accidental or intentional, or damage which may occur during installation of our products; or caused by failure to use or replace side cables, rain or other original components; or by use of improper cleaning techniques or cleaners is not covered by our warranty protection.

Our Warranty further does not cover damage to our products caused by top frame components or poor design of tops, top frames, etc by convertible manufacturers.

Numerous caution notes and disclaimers have been added to our Catalogue for our new products for convertibles with known top or top frame problems.

Should a defect be found in one of our products any warranty adjustment made will be pro-rated based on the lentgh of time our products was installed. All requests for warranty adjustment by convertible owners should be directed to the auto trim and upholstery shop, which installed our products. While this is not required in all instances, we reserve the right to insist that products be returned to us for inspection before any warranty credit can be issued.

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