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By: Smokey Point Concrete  11-11-2011

Vendor Information:

Our decorative concrete is made possible by QC Products. Euclid Chemical Company provides our sealers and admixtures. If you would like more information please visit our vendor websites below:

Product Gallery:

To see how you can use decorative concrete in an innovative way, we have put together a sample gallery of 20-25 of our finished projects.

Color Projects Warranty and Disclaimer:

Warranty:  SPC / SRM will only warranty the color consistency throughout the concrete, within close proximity to the color chart. The manufacturers color chart was achieved using their local materials of the concrete mix which will make the color not an exact match. SPC / SRM only warranties the compressive strength if poured within ACI 318 guidelines. SPC / SRM cannot be held accountable or responsible for surface defects or irregularities due to excessive water on the surface, troweling marks, wet broom marks, excessive water added to the load prior or during pouring out and other finishing problems. No other oral or written statement is authorized.

Disclaimer:  SPC / SRM will not repair or replace colored concrete that appears to be discolored.  SPC / SRM does not place concrete and therefore cannot be held liable for discoloration from improper finishing techniques. The end user shall determine products suitability and assumes all risk and liability.  SPC / SRM will not guarantee the color to be an exact match to the color chart or sample.

The colors on the color chart are developed in a controlled environment using raw materials that are not available in all areas. Also SPC / SRM doesn't place concrete and has no control over the finish on the product. The product is still in its manufactured state and is subject to change based on the finishing techniques.  Therefore, the customer acknowledges that the colors are a close representation of the chart and that SPC / SRM cannot be held liable for finishing techniques which ultimately control the outcome of the finished product, once in place.

It is recommended by color manufacturers after finishing, to apply a concrete sealer. Take note that concrete sealer may change the color of the concrete. The UV rays from the sun and natural weathering will occur if not properly cured and maintained. To maintain your concrete, it is recommended that you reseal your concrete every other year.

Decorative concrete is ideal for all projects including: interior floors, counter tops, patios, driveways, pool decking or walkways. Creating a different look every time you pour, allows you to enhance any project.

There are many colors for you to choose from to design your own distinctive look.

QC Colortech

QC COLORTECH is made with high quality synthetic iron oxide pigments, providing excellent color dispersion and the strongest, purest color for all flatwork, polished concrete and vertical applications. Choose from many standard colors to achieve consistent, stunning, fade-resistant color pour after pour.

Create a striking new surface or refurbish an existing surface.

QC Thin-Pave NI™- topping mix to transform damaged concrete

QC Thin-Pave NI is a two-component polymer modified cementious stampable overlay. When applied in conjunction with color, stains and sealers, QC Thin-Pave NI can produce a decorative paving finish similar to imprinted concrete. Typically applied at a 1/4- to 5/8-inch thickness, QC Thin-Pave NI can be used interior and exterior, for residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial construction. QC Thin-Pave NI can by utilized in new construction and renovation. QC Thin-Pave NI has very high compression strength and can be left exposed to traffic; however, regular maintenance is recommended. The system consists of a wet primer application, pigmented latex modified mortar, QC Release Agent, and QC protective sealers. When required, QC Patina Stain and QC CemTint can be applied. Most imprinting tools can be used with QC Thin-Pave NI.

QC Concrete Resurfacer

Create striking new surfaces or rejuvenate old surfaces with QC CONCRETE RESURFACER, an ultrathin, architectural concrete topping. QC CONCRETE RESURFACER can transform structurally sound substrates into a colorful surface that packs a graphic impact, while delivering exceptional abrasion resistance. Available in many brilliant colors, QC CONCRETE RESURFACER can be used to create surfaces with solid color, subtle variegation, marbleized hues and various textures.

QC Concrete Resurfacer HD

QC Concrete Resurfacer HD is the preferred material for spray textures and exterior applications. QC Concrete Resurfacer HD is a two-part polymer-modified cementious coating, consisting of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid and a cement aggregate blend. The material is applied in multiple coats by brush, roller, squeegee, trowel or sprayer to a typical thickness of 3/32 inch. It can be applied over almost any clean, sound surface including concrete, cement block, tile, metal, and wood.


To maintain the safety and beauty of QC architectural concrete, QC offers its versatile line of cleaners and degreasers. Whether you're looking for gentle surface cleaners, or maintenance products that remove grease and oil build-up from high-traffic floors, QC Construction Products has a solution for you.


A sealer is to help create durable, water-resistant surfaces that can stand the power of nature’s elements or daily wear. Looking for a finishing touch for your architectural concrete? SPC/SRM offers sealers to create durable, water-resistant surfaces that will stand up to nature's elements or resist everyday wear in the home.

For more information regarding the sealers we carry please visit the following links.

QC Color Hardener

This premixed dry-shake product simultaneously colors, improves finishing, and hardens freshly placed flatwork. Ideal for imprinted concrete, QC COLOR HARDENER comes in 42 standard colors and an unlimited range of custom colors (no minimum orders required). QC HEAVY-DUTY COLOR HARDENER, fortified with aluminum oxides, is also available.

QC Patina Stain

Our stain produces vivid, marbled color by lightly etching and penetrating concrete. The result? A distinctive, variegated permanent finish that will not fade. When used with QC COLOR TECH-E, QC COLOR HARDENER or QC THIN-PAVE NI™, this stain yields gorgeous translucence and a rich patina finish. Available in eight standard stains with additional variations possible. Suggestion: use conclean before applying patina stains.

QC CemTint

Create expanses of rich, dramatic color with this penetrating, water-based tinting compound. QC CEMTINT is effective for carrying pigment into gray or colored concrete surfaces that do not have resists, such as cures or sealers. The finished color can appear similar to the translucent character of chemically stained surfaces.

QC Release Powder I and II

The original QC RELEASE POWDER is specifically designed for use with color hardened textured concrete. This product allows for the clean release of texturing tools from the concrete surface, and at the same time, creates highlighting color (also called an antiquing effect) with mat-type texturing tools. For use with all decorative concrete.

QC Liquid Release

Used for releasing mat-type texturing tools from wet concrete, QC LIQUID RELEASE is a smart alternative if powder release risks damage to indoor finished surfaces. An excellent non-pigment parting agent, QC LIQUID RELEASE is easily applied and will not impede the use of QC PATINA STAIN or QC SEALERS.

We recommend calling a professional contractor to service your decorative concrete needs. Surface defects, cracking, or irregularities may occur.

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Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix - readymix concrete

SPC / SRM has developed over 400 mixes, has a number of concrete tools and supplies, and are excited to help you finish your job and create the look you want. Concrete is just like the sponge that you leave on the edge of the sink after you cleaned your dishes. Concrete utilizes cement as a glue to hold together a mixture of stone, sand, water and cement.


Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix - aggregates

To order your aggregates for delivery please call Skagit Readymix serving Skagit County at 360-856-0422 or Smokey Point Concrete serving Island and Snohomish Counties at 360-435-5791. The width of our dump trucks are approximately 10 feet, the trucks mirrors stick out further and prefer a 12 foot width opening. Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Ready Mix sell aggregate at their plant locations and also provide delivery.


Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix - contractor tools

Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix offers a limited supply of products from bull floats, trowels, and hand edgers to sealers, colors, and hardeners. Please provide at least one week for us to order your special tool. Ask dispatch for more information next time you are in our office.


Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix - pervious concrete

Pervious concrete has a 15-25% void structure and allows 3-8 gallons of water per minute to pass through each square foot - accounting for far more than is generated during most rain events. Freeze / Thaw is not a concern in western Washington as our temperatures and freeze / thaw conditions are nominal. It is highly unlikely a majority of any pervious surface will become 100% clogged.


Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix - redi rock

To see Redi-Rock and how you can use it in an innovative way, we have put together a sample gallery of 20-25 of our finished Redi-Rock projects. Redi-Rock also offers in-house engineering support as well as great training and dealer support. Each block locks together and provides the option for building taller walls. Taller reinforced retaining walls can be designed with our geo-connector.


Smokey Point Concrete and Skagit Readymix - concrete admixtures

Water-Reducers are chemicals used to lower the water content and increase strength or to obtain a higher slump using the same water content for pumping the concrete or when you are dealing with hot weather. A Stabilizer is recommended for use in all types of concrete where moderate to extended retardation of set time and improved performance are desired.