Mac Software for PDF Editing, Text Expansion and CD/DVD Label Design

By: Smileonmymac  11-11-2011

December 7, 2010, Macworld"What makes TextExpander a great app isn’t just that it’s so handy and so capable, but also the fact that it’s constantly evolving—refining its core tools, adding new ones, and adapting to an ever-changing technology landscape. That’s how a venerable utility like TextExpander remains fresh and vital, and why it’s one of our favorite apps of the year.", Dan Miller

September 23, 2010, Take Control Books/TidBITs
"Have you ever had to fill out and sign a PDF-based form? Or change the date on a PDF-based flyer? Make comments on a document sent around your workplace as a PDF file? Scan a document to PDF and OCR the text? For those tasks, I generally turn to Smile’s PDFpen, which can perform many PDF manipulations more easily than Adobe Acrobat, and at a fraction of the price. That’s why we’re happy to bring you Take Control of PDFpen 5 to demystify the many sorts of PDF manipulation you can accomplish using PDFpen."
- with Michael E. Cohen, author of Take Control of PDFpen 5

May 18, 2010, Macworld
"The overall win, however (this time at least), goes to TextExpander, because of its support for syncing, creating expansions from selected text, and executing shell scripts in expansions. These features push it slightly ahead of TypeIt4Me, and help justify its higher price tag.", Rob Griffiths

December 10, 2009, Macworld"When it comes to modifying PDFs, Smile’s PDFPen 4.5 fits neatly between OS X’s free Preview and Adobe’s $449 Acrobat Pro. At only $50, it goes well beyond Preview’s PDF processing power, yet it offers some of the same features you’ll find in the much more costly Acrobat Pro. .. PDFPen may not be the most exciting product among this year’s Eddys, but it’s certainly one of the most useful.", Rob Griffiths

December 4, 2009, Macworld
4 mice. "Its abilities compare well with Acrobat Pro, and yet PDFpen comes in at roughly a tenth of the cost.", Rob Griffiths

August 2009,
"With its enhanced interface and added features, this product is, for now, the leader in the Macintosh media labeling software."

January 2009
PDFpen 4
"Editing PDFs can be an intimidating and daunting task without the right tools. Smile's PDFpen 4 fits that bill perfectly thanks to its easy to use features. ..PDFpen 4 can handle almost everyone's PDF editing needs, and it won't hurt your pocketbook, either."

August 2008, Mac|Life
TextExpander, "Awesome" (5/5 rating)
Editors Choice
"If you like doing things the long hard way, do not install TextExpander! But if you could use a few extra minutes each day to get more done on your Mac, add this app to your productivity toolbox."

March 5, 2008, Information Week

January 22, 2008, Home Office Warrior
PageSender, PDFpen

January 16, 2008, The Mac Observer

March 29, 2007, Mac|Life
DiscLabel 4.1.2, "Great" (4/5)"DiscLabel makes it easy to create professional-level labels for your discs."

June 2006, MacAddict
BrowseBack, "Great" (4/5)
"A great timesaving tool for Web research."

March 2006, Macworld
BrowseBack, 3.5 mice

March 2005, Macworld
PDFpen, 4 mice

February 2004, Macworld

July 2003, Macworld

June 2003, Macworld
PageSender3.0, 4 mice

May 2003, Macworld
PageSender, 4 mice

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