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Our Aim:

Our aim it to ensure that you save money, save time and increase your business efficiency. We would like to ensure that you increase your current client footprint, your profitability, as well to grow your business through us. We will be able to accomplish this by means of expert advice, the correct skills, quality business documents, templates, checklists and the latest news. 

If you want it bigger, faster, better and cheaper then you have come to the right place!

Do you still offer your Customers, Sales Representatives or Visitors a cup of coffee every day?

Most of us, as part of normal courtesy, offer our clients, sales representatives and visitors a cup of coffee. Have you ever thought what a cup of coffee a day can do for your business? Should I rather say what the value of a cup of coffee a day can do for your business. R1.89 a day is all your business need to open the doors to endless possibilities.

Membership options:

Registration is free. You can register and list your business on our online directory. You can receive some of the articles we publish to keep you informed, and can have access to certain templates and documents.

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You can also decide to opt for the paid membership option, after registering, which will introduce you to a wealth of opportunities to save your business money, as well as to grow your business to new hights. You will find a list of membership benefits in the following section.

Membership Benefits, Products and Services:

Our list of benefits, special offers on products, and services grows constantly through us continuously forming new partnerships and sourcing new suppliers for products and services required by our members. We also then negotiate the best fee structure to ensure that our members obtain the maximum benefit. This, we achieve by buying in bulk or assisting the service or product supplier to reduce their costs per unit by various means.

Our main benefits include:

  1. National Exposure: Your products or services is and will be more effectively exposed nationally. We have various means which can enable you to expose your products or services nationally, regionally or locally. Let us help you in achieving this more effectively.
  2. Networking: Both online and offline. We provide you with various platforms and events through which you can effectively achieve this.
  3. Business Leads: We offer you the exposure to a multitude of possibilities in all sectors. As we become aware of them, we ensure that you are informed of them.
  4. Business templates: We offer various tried and tested business templates to ensure that you can achieve a quicker turnaround time whilst establishing a very professional, corporate look and feel.
  5. Business Checklists: We offer various checklists, created by a number of industry experts, to ensure that you do not miss an important component of a process which you are not too familiar with, or which can just be used as a sanity check against what you are currently doing.
  6. Business Documents: We offer a number of business documents for your perusal.
  7. Expert Advice: We have some of the most knowledgeable industry experts available to assist with your questions and queries through our forums. Our forums include Legal, Tax, Marketing, Business Startups, Business Improvement and Efficiency, Training and much more.
  8. Latest News: Our team of experts will keep you informed of all the latest developments which might affect your business, but we will also provide you with advice on how to circumvent, "cash-in" or utilize these developments to your benefit.
  9. Direct Savings: We will offer you products and services commonly used by you and your business for less. If you would like to have a product or service added we will assess the requirement amongst our members and add it to our standard product and service portfolio, providing you with constant access the reduced product or service, or guide you to one of our preferred, cost efficient, service providers that can assist you.
  10. Massive buying power: We are only as strong as all of us. Our strength is in our numbers, which allows us to buy in bulk and you will benefit from these savings.
  11. Affordable Advertising: We have a multitude of advertising options available to you, at of course the best possible price, which can be done nationally, regionally or locally in your area.
  12. Increased Client Footprint: We can help you to increase your current customer footprint, thus increasing your potential turnover.
  13. Online Shopping Portal: You can utilize our shopping portal to advertise and sell any or all of your products and services. We accept credit cards on the portal as well as direct deposits for ease of use to your clients.

This is only some of the benefits, products and services which our paid members have access to.

Can you afford not to expose your business to these opportunities at a mere R1.89 per day? Become a member today!  

How to become a Paid Member:

  1. Register on our website,
  2. Deposit the yearly subscription fee, R690, into our bank account,

Upon confirmation of your payment reflecting in our bank account we will upgrade your membership status and you will have obtained the unfair advantage for your business!

Banking Details:

Bank                          :           ABSA

Account Holder          :           WebDi Consultants CC

Account Number        :           4072603018

Branch Code              :           632005

Account Type             :           Checque

Reference                   :           Sub + (Your login name)

Please fax your Proof of Payment to

Keywords: Bank Account, Business Templates, Coffee, Sales Representatives