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By: Slim4life  11-11-2011
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 You can be assured that the R59 DROPS are not harmful, are natural ingredients, and have no side effects. A common question that we get asked is if you will pick up weight again once you stop the PROGRAM -OUR ANSWER IS NO, as long as you stay within the easy guidelines. it stands to reason that should you eat excessive unbalanced meals and not within the guidelines, then yes, obviously you will pick up weight again.

The health and beauty benefits of our PROGRAMME are supported by more than 28 years of experience, scientific research and the satisfaction of our clients

The ingredients of the R59 DROPS are:

* Calcium Carbonic um Hohnemanni D12

* Fucus D4

* Graphites D12

* Natrium Sulfur cum D4

* Oleum Crotonis D4

* Spongia D4 Ana 16,66 mg


* Its easy to take, with the prescribed drops in water.

A multivitamin  tablet must be taken  while you are on the program.

Very important : the eating plan provided must be followed for optimum results! !(Recipe book included)

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Keywords: eating plan