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By: Skite Trading  11-11-2011

These boxes are constructed from a combination of quality timber and masonite and can be transported either in their component form or fully assembled. If in component form, they require very basic assembly using an unskilled labourer and staple gun with 30 standard staples measuring 8 x 19 mm

Key Benefits

  • Wooden structure: strong, reusable, consumer friendly
  • Ventilation: ideal for tomatoes and other fresh produce
  • Interlocking: provides stability in transport
  • Resaleability: regain packaging costs
  • Inexpensive: Cheaper than competitor products
Dimensions of Interlocker Boxes (In millimeters)
  Length Breadth Height Per Pallet
Skiro Interlocker 6 380mm 247mm 140mm 180
Skiro Interlocker 6 unmanufactured 380mm 247mm 140mm 30000+
Skiro Interlocker 9 385mm 292mm 175mm 110
Skiro Interlocker 10 440mm 292mm 175mm 96
Skiro Interlocker AT 310mm 292mm 175mm 144
Strawberry 500mm 405mm 85mm 120
Avo Klein 365mm 280mm 100mm 220
Avo Groot 365mm 280mm 185mm 220
P1 292mm 190mm 95mm 240
P2 292mm 190mm 110mm 216
P3 292mm 190mm 130 180
P4 485mm 310mm 155mm 104
P5 485mm 310mm 180mm 88
Nelspruit Papaya 580mm 380mm 90mm 100
Melon 500mm 400mm 200mm 54
Piesang 580mm 380mm 200mm 100
Kweekbokse 710mm 340mm 220mm 21