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By: Skills Innovation Hub  11-11-2011
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As a student of Durnacol Skills Innovation Hub you will have access to a range of support services. They are run by skilled and professional staff and exist to help you with any problems that may occur during your stay. You may be used to asking your family and friends for support and advice. It is normal practice to seek advice from trained professionals either when you have a problem, or when you need someone to talk to. What you say is strictly confidential.

Advise, Information and Guidance Service

Answering all your questions on:

  • Accommodation
  • Counselling Service
  • Course Advice, Guidance and Progression
  • Study Skills
  • Applications
Counseling Service

The Counseling Service is an informal, friendly and confidential service staffed by professional counselors. Many different issues or difficulties might bring you to the Counseling Service. You don’t have to be ill or disturbed to experience stress or to benefit from talking things over with us. Student life is often a period of major adjustment and change, and it is quite normal for this to be difficult at times.

As well as using counseling sessions to help personal development there may be a particular difficulty or dilemma. These might include:

  • problems with personal relationships
  • feeling depressed
  • academic pressures
  • disability
  • cultural or transitional problems
  • anxiety and stress
  • misuse of drugs, alcohol, food
  • supporting friends/house mates
  • sexual concerns.

Any matter that is troubling you, no matter how big or small, can be brought to the Counseling Service. The Counseling Service is available to all students on an appointment basis.

Careers Advisory Service

The best-laid plans begin with knowing who you are, how you personally define success and what future you want to create for yourself.

All of our services are confidential and impartial.

You can arrange 45 minute appointments. We also offer workshops and events to help you gain the skills and information you will need to be successful in finding work.

Study Support

Your Learning Advisor

You will be given a Learning Advisor at the start of your course. Your Advisor is available throughout the year - for induction to your course and on-going guidance and support. You will meet with your Advisor on a regular basis.
There are many things your Advisor can help you with.

These include:

  • an understanding of how things work at Durnacol Skills Innovation Hub
  • what is required to help you be successful on your course
  • helping you to resolve any barriers to your progress
  • recording your achievements and setting future goals
  • exploring your choices and supporting your next step

Course Committee

Every class selects a class representative. Their role is to directly represent their classmates in any way possible.

Full training is given and regular meetings are held with the Student's Representatives. Every semester there is a course committee meeting where the class representative has the opportunity to present the class's thoughts on course issues to the committee.

Keywords: Counseling Service, Offer Workshops

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