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By: Siyavuma Sports  11-11-2011
Keywords: Professional Football

This is achieved through

Forming Professional relationships with all of our Clients and Strategic Partners. Integrity and Transparency at all times. By offering a wide range of unique and individually tailored made Professional services to all clients.

Professional Services Offerings

  • Personal Management of Professional Football Players, Negotiation and Re-Negotiation of Client Contracts.
  • Commercial and Sponsorship Contract Development.
  • Specialist Financial Planning and Advise.
  • Life Management Skills and Media Coaching.
  • Sports Consultancy for Professional Football Clubs.
  • Young Player Development.
  • Organisation of Training Camps and Pre-Season Tours and International Matches.
  • Business to Business Development.

Professional Service Offerings-Personal Management of Clients.

  • We offer a Personal Management Service designed specifically for Professional Footballers and Coaches.
  • Our team works together with management and outside resource to provide each individual client with a unique service.
  • Assessment of Client daily needs.
  • Career path design.
  • One to one discussions for clients on football matters with an Ex Professional on a weekly basis .
  • Management of Clients Personal needs when required.
  • Commercial Contract Negotiation.
  • Sponsorship Contract Negotiation.
  • Sportswear Contracts.
  • Appearance and after Dinner Speaking Appointments

Professional Service Offerings- Negotiation -Re-Negotiation of Player Contracts

  • Contract Negotiation on behalf of the Client.
  • Legal Advice on Contractual Issues.
  • Image rights Contract Negotiations.
  • Professional Service Offerings- Commercial and Sponsorship Contract Negotiations

Professional Service Offerings- Financial Planning and Advise

  • Financial Planning.
  • Specialist Financial Advise.
  • Taxation Advise.

Professional Service Offerings- Life Skills Management and Media Coaching

  • Life Skills training.
  • Dietary and Nutritional Advise.
  • Access to Specialised Sports Scientists.
  • Media Coaching by Media Professionals.

Professional Service Offerings- Consultancy Services for Professional Football Clubs

  • Consultancy on behalf of Professional Clubs.
  • Organisation of Strategic Partnerships with European Clubs.
  • Player/Coach Recruitment on behalf of Clubs.
  • Specialised Recruitment i.e Technical Directors, Sporting Directors, Academy Directors.
  • Academy Development.

Professional Service Offerings- Young Player Development

  • Young Player Development.
  • Access to Ex International Player's to act as a Role Mentors.
  • European Opportunities and Development Training.
  • Life Skills, Media and Nutritional Training.
  • Additional Specialised Coaching.
  • Career Planning.
  • Educational Advise.

Professional Service Offerings- Organisation Of Training Camps, Pre-Season Camps, International Matches

  • Organisation of Camps in South Africa and Europe.
  • Strategic Partner in Europe
  • Licenced FIFA Match Agent associated with Siyavuma Sports Agency.
  • Professional Service Offerings- Business to Business Development

Strategic Partnerships in SA and Europe.

Commercial Contract Negotiation.

  • Sponsorship Contract Negotiation.
  • Sportswear Contracts.
  • Appearance and after Dinner Speaking Appointments.

Keywords: Professional Football