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By: Siya Bora Piling  11-11-2011
Keywords: Geotechnical Engineering, Piles, Pipe Jacking

Our Services

Piling Specialists

Our wide range of piling services include:
Pipe Jacking
Lateral Support
Pennine & DCP Testing
Soil Investigation
Pile Load Testing

Geotechnical Engineering

Siya Bora Piling is proud to have Damon Clark of Damon Clark & Associates as our Geotechnical Engineer. Damon works very closely with us to formulate the most efficient and cost effective solutions for a piled foundation.

Underpinning (including Jacked piles and Auger piles - Haunched method)

Underpinning is generally used where old foundations, or a portion of the foundations, are undergoing settlement. Underpinning is the process of strengthening and stabilizing the foundation of an existing building or other structure. This is achieved either by extending the foundation in depth or in breadth so it either rests on a stronger soil stratum or distributes its load across a greater area. A number of underpinning systems can be used, ranging from traditional excavation underpinning to mini piling to grouting. The possible effects of ground heave, subsidence or negative skin friction need to be considered and a suitable system can be devised once all such factors are taken into account.

Lateral Support

A contiguous pile wall is made up of a row of concrete soldier piles in, or near, contact with each other. The wall produced can be designed to retain a wide range of soils including unstable and saturated soils, depending on the process used. Every other odd numbered pile is first installed, leaving room for the even numbered piles in between. The even numbered piles are installed once the others have set, leaving little room in between piles. Structural shotcrete, gunite or grout can be used to fill the area between piles, often will steel reinforcement. Other lateral support systems can be combined with the contiguous pile wall for more specific requirements; these are discussed in this section.

Keywords: Geotechnical Engineering, Pile Load Testing, Piles, Pipe Jacking, Soil Investigation, Underpinning,