See in a Web Demo how SIMUL8 Simulation Software Can Help Improve Your Business Processes

By: Simul8  11-11-2011

A web demo is the best way to show you how SIMUL8 can quickly transform your business processes.One of our simulation advisors will show you:

  • • industry relevant examples
  • • how to build your own simulation
  • • answer any of your questions about SIMUL8 or simulation

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What is Simulation - Simulation Software Explained

A simulation is a computer model that mimics the operation of a real or proposed system, such as the day-to-day operation of a bank, the running of an assembly line in a factory, or the staff assignment of a hospital or call center. The simulation is time based, and takes into account all the resources and constraints involved, as well as the way these things interact with each other as time passes.


Watch free SIMUL8 guided tour simulation movies online

Step through the important product features for an up-close look at simulation and SIMUL8's capabilities. See how you can create and run your first simulation in just 8 clicks. See how SIMUL8 can be used to reduce queues in this E.R example. Run Time Approx: 1 min.


SIMUL8 Professional Simulation Software - Upgrade Options

Anytime, anywhere secure simulation access with SIMUL8 Live. Upgrade to the Latest Release SIMUL8 Professional 2011. Upgrade from SIMUL8 Standard to SIMUL8 Professional. Share simulations with SIMUL8 Live. New interface for faster modeling.