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By: Silverton Radiators  11-11-2011


At SILVERTON RADIATORS we use the Rod-Out and Repair Method. The radiator is removed,
cleaned externally and flushed internally by immersion. It is then pressure tested, inspected and repaired as needed. One tank is then removed and a rod is inserted into each tube to remove debris and dirt. Once completed, the radiator is reassembled and tested.NB: This method of repair is slightly more costly but the results are far more reliable giving our customers greater "peace of mind" of not experiencing cooling system problems again and minimizing returns and comebacks for us.

Tips for keeping your car cool while sitting in traffic..

  • Give a little petrol. This will enable the engine fan to run a little faster which will enable it to get rid of some of the engine heat.
  • Turn on the heater. The heater will draw some of the heat from the engine to the inside of the vehicle.
  • Where possible turn off the vehicle. Once you have safely pulled off of the road, turn off the vehicle to let the engine cool down.
  • Finally, have the vehicle inspected by a radiator specialist like Silverton Radiators. They have expertise in targeting cooling system problems, which could range from a clogged radiator core to low engine coolant to an inoperable engine fan.


SILVERTON RADIATORS rebuild and sell automotive Heat Exchangers of all types, large and small. The smallest being a heater from a passenger car or a light truck. The largest would be one story high industrial coolers.

Application for Industrial or Mining use

Plastic Couplers and Polyurethane tubing


dMT - Surface Protective Coatings Program

Masego Engineering

Are suppliers of the following Equipment and Services:
  • Lifting Lever and Chain Blocks
  • Air / Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Cleaning and Sweeping u/ground
  • Pumps-Centrifugal, Submersible

Masego Waterless Toilet System