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By: Silversands Ethanol  11-11-2011
Keywords: Fuel, Diesel Engine, Ethanol

Silversands Ethanol produces a range of Ethanol based heating products to replace the more traditional methods such as wood, paraffin, gas and coal.  These products are both environmentally friendly as well as safer when compared to their traditional counterparts

Some of the products in our current rage include, Safety Gel, Household Bio-Geyser and Safety Stove


Silversands Ethanol recently diversified its operations to include the manufacturing of ED95 Fuel for use in the motor vehicle industry.

What is ED95?

ED95 designates a blend of 95% ethanol and 5% ignition improver and is used in modified diesel engines where high compression is used to ignite the fuel, as opposed to the operation of petrol engines where spark plugs are used. This fuel was initially developed by Swedish ethanol producer SEKAB.

Due to the high ignition temperatures of pure ethanol, the addition of ignition improver is necessary for successful diesel engine operation. The diesel engine that runs on ethanol also has a higher compression ratio and an adapted fuel system. This fuel has been used with success in many Swedish Scania buses since the 1980s and by 2009 there are over 600 buses running on ED95 in Sweden

In Brazil , net carbon emissions were reduced by up

to 90% when using Ethanol derived from Sugar Cane.

Silversands Ethanol in conjunction with Scania and Metro Bus has successfully implemented the first

ED95 powered Euro 5 bus during the test phase for further implementation by the City of Johannesburg

Keywords: Diesel Engine, Ethanol, Fuel