Dialed in Motion Cycling

By: Siliconcoach  12-08-2011
Keywords: Data Management, Analysis Software, Gait Analysis

Increase your bottom line.

Allows for customers to visually understand and be involved with the shoe purchase process. They will reach a purchase decision comfortable in the knowledge they have purchased the most suitable shoe and less likely to be constrained by price considerations.

Create customers for life.

Utilizing the data management system within Dialed in Motion, you have the ability to store all your customers purchase details including:

  • All analysis completed.
  • Shoe purchased.
  • Customer running history.
  • Contact information.

At The Athlete’s Foot, 'Dialed in Motion' is now an integral part of our fitting service for Athletic Shoes. It complements our ‘Fitprint’ technology in so much as we are able to demonstrate that the shoes we are recommending are exactly the right choice. The combination of the two technologies both engages Customers in the process and increases their confidence and as a result it has increased our sales conversion rates. The team at Silicon coach have been great to work with and the software itself is very easy for our staff to use.

Ed Connolly
The Athlete's Foot
New Zealand

Sweatshop and SheRunsHeRuns are very pleased to be working with Siliconcoach. They have been enormously proactive in developing their software to our needs and ensuring that the system is robust, has excellent features and has some great security applications. I cannot recommend them enough.

Hugh Brasher
Managing Director
Sweat Shop and SheRunsHeRuns

We have been using Dialed in Motion Running for over a year now and have found that it has become instrumental in shoe fitting, injury identification and customer education. It is easy to use and the staff love having one more tool in their toolbox. Customer retention and referrals have increased which is directly attributable to Dialed in Motion. Siliconcoach has been great to work with, we love it so much we are adding the Cycle Fit to our biking division! I would definitely recommend this program.

Sandy Musson
Tri & Run Sports

At New Balance we sell a technical product and the Dialed in Motion system has become an integral part of our business.

Time Page
Store Manager
New Balance Concept Store
Melbourne, Australia

Siliconcoach has been very forward thinking in developing a software just for the retail environment, this means Siliconcoach listens to what retailers and manufactures requirements are for a Gait analysis software, making Gait analysis easier to understand and ultimately meaning your customer will be given the correct advice.

With the use of video and some simple to use tools, siliconcoach really does make a difference.

Kellie Pigeon
Regional Technical Manager
Asia Pacific
New Balance

The human body is an example of engineering excellence. It is the model for the technology we employ in ASICS footwear. Our desire to understand human movement and biomechanics has set the framework for many of the groundbreaking innovations in the ASICS footwear range.

We also want our retailers to use the best shoe-fitting system available and thereby ensure the customers' have the best retail experience possible. For many years we have been recommending siliconcoach software to our retailers.

Siliconcoach video analysis software, allows the retailer to capture and perform a frame by frame analysis on how the shoe is 'working' for that particular customer. In addition, it allows the customer see what the retailer is talking about when explaining our ASICS technologies such as IGS (Impact Guidance System) and concepts such as the all important Windlass mechanism of the forefoot.

Siliconcoach are always innovating based on feedback from the retailers, customers and us here at ASICS New Zealand. Their system always creates interest and excitement in the shop and many shops report high conversion rates due to the use of siliconcoach.

Once a person has been analysed on the system and has been shown why they are now in the right shoe for them, they will usually buy it. Siliconcoach is a very innovative company in the design of video analysis software for shoe retailers and podiatrists, I would recommend their software to any shoe store wanting to make sure the fit is done correctly and give the customer a great retail experience.

Jason Mansfield
Asics Manager
New Zealand

Nike UK has been using siliconcoach Gait software for a number of years, the relationship with siliconcoach has given us the opportunity to not only use various siliconcoach software, but additionally give constructive feedback on what we at Nike UK believe is best suited for a Gait analysis software.

With Siliconcoach incorporating a number of the ideas from this feedback into their new Gait analysis software, the user and customer can only benefit from this world class product.

With the use of video and some simple to use tools, siliconcoach really does make a difference.

Simon Charlesworth
Running Category Leader
Nike United Kingdom

Keywords: Analysis Software, Data Management, Data Management System, Gait Analysis, Motion System, Sales Conversion

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