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By: Sikora  11-11-2011
Keywords: Production Lines, Measuring System, Gauge Head


100% non-contact,
4-axis-diameter and
8-point ovality measurement

The SIKORA CENTERVIEW 8000 series presents a unique generation of non-contact eccentricity, diameter and ovality measuring systems that meet all customer demands especially in the automotive and communication branch.

The system is especially designed for production lines for round single wires, conductors and cables with solid or stranded conductors such as LAN-cables, automotive or building wires as well as coaxial cables. It guarantees a measurement of highest precision and reliability at all line speeds.

The innovative measuring heads of the CENTERVIEW 8000 offer a non contact 8-point-eccentricity, 4-axis-diameter and 8-point ovality measurement. The measuring system is based on latest 4-axis-CCD-line-technology that is equipped with pulse-driven laser light sources and a powerful signal processor. The system automatically centers – on a non-contact basis – to the cable position. Guide rollers are not necessary. This unique feature contributes to the ease of operation of the measuring device. The technology is extremely reliable, does not require any manual interventions and supports the operator to accomplish the task of production improvement. The CENTERVIEW 8000 is available as a stand-alone gauge head for the direct connection to a control system or a data collection system for SPC (Statistical Process Control), but as well in combination with the processor system ECOCONTROL for a permanent accurate online measurement and control.

Unique cloud diagram

The cloud diagram is an additional way to present the measuring values of the ongoing measurement at the ECOCONTROL. The cloud diagram provides information on distribution of short term variation of eccentricity in graphical form.

Each dot corresponds to one single measuring value of the eccentricity in relation to the amount and angle. The extension of the cloud diagram is an indicator for the standard deviation of the eccentricity.

The unique display of the single eccentricity values in form of the so called cloud diagram shows the operator in addition, what eccentricity values remains even after a perfect centering and what fluctuation the product has. Only the visualization of the single values in the way of a cloud diagram provides a possibility for the operator to take the corresponding measures to minimize the eccentricity.

* patent pending


    Measuring range 0.5 - 10 mm
    (0.1 - 10 mm)*1)
    0.5 - 25 mm
    Sight field 12.5 mm 28 mm
    Exposure time 0.25 µs
    – Eccentricity
    – Diameter

    better 0.5 μm
    0.1 μm

    better 1 μm
    1 μm
    – Eccentricity
    – Diameter

    0.5 μm
    0.05 μm

    1 μm
    0.1 μm
    FFT-analysis 0.003 µm 0.005 µm
    Resolution selectable 0.1 μm; 1 μm; 10 μm, (factory set 1 μm)
    Dimensions 250 x 150 x 1205 mm (WxDxH) 287 x 208 x 1200 mm (WxDxH)
    Interfaces RS485, RS232 (Diagnostic); analog interface*1), Profibus-DP*1), CANopen*1), Ethernet/IP*1), DeviceNet*1)
    Power supply 230 V, ± 10 %, 47 - 63Hz, 100 VA, other voltages on request

    *1)  optionally

Outstanding features

  • Non-contact, 8-point-eccentricity-, 4-axis-diameter- and 8-point ovality measurement
  • Unique cloud diagram showing short-term variations
  • Automatic centering to the cable position
  • Absolutely maintenance-free, no calibration required

Keywords: Gauge Head, Measuring System, Production Lines,

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