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By: Signate  11-11-2011
Keywords: Logistics

If you need innovative quality solutions from a company with a proven track record; Palantir has been developing software since 2001 for a variety of companies in the finance, logistics and insurance industries.

Palantir have a great deal of experience in developing systems ranging from massive high visibility enterprise systems to small, targeted add ins and utilities. We deliver quality software that's secure, easy to use, maintain and administer.

In addition to end to end development, our staff can also mentor and assist your project teams at all stages of the project lifecycle.


Process Improvement

The most common causes of development project difficulties relate to process and communication issues.

Palantir assist your development team improve and automate processes, discard unnecessary steps, streamline delivery and improve confidence.


Software Products

If you need help or advice bringing your idea to fruition, we're always interested in new software products and are always willing to assist others.

What makes Palantir different? How do we help ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the products and solutions we provide you?



By ensuring good channels of communication, defined responsibilities and firm milestones we reduce the risk inherent in your projects, and deliver what you actually need.



Our staff will be an asset to your projects, since we foster a strong culture of hard work, passion, integrity and commitment.



If you want more reliable products delivered faster and cheaper you have to invest in automating the process of development. This is a maxim we live by, and we are continually boosting our staff's productivity in this way. The benefits flow directly to you.



Quality should not be a desperate effort at the end of your project. It needs to be strictly defined from the beginning; performance, reliability, security, all of these requirements must be defined and measured.

Keywords: Logistics

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Software Products | Palantir

Look forward to being able to streamline and automate your processes with these tools originally created for our internal product development, and now being prepared for general release. Scanning, WCF, Auto-Update, Licensing, WebDAV, Search and a great many more powerful development libraries. Libraries, utlities and plugins to improve development quality and turnaround. Powerful libraries and tools for finding and anlayzing file differences.