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By: Shrs  11-11-2011
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Payroll. It's a once-a-month pain in the neck that few company managers really want to have responsibility for. Yet it's absolutely vital that you get it right – first time, every time.

Mess up your payroll - just once - and you've got disgruntled employees lining up outside your office, SARS penalty notices and fines… and still more paperwork.

It's bad for your business reputation, bad for staff morale and skills retention – and errodes of your bottom line.

That's why more and more South African SMME's have teamed up with



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How to get rid of your monthly payroll headaches?

We'll act as your in-house payroll manager - for the three or four days of each month that you really need one. That means you don't have to carry unnecessary headcount for the rest of the month – or delegate this vital function to someone in-house who doesn’t have the necessary expertise.

If not, you could be just one payroll away from incurring SARS interest and penalty charges that are bigger than our annual fees!

Because we work closely with so many companies like yours, we're able to spread the set-up, maintenance and other costs across a number of business users. It's a bit like having a software 'site licence'. You benefit from the same Payroll economies of scale that larger companies have always taken for granted.

My team and I have all the latest payroll administration software, the most up-to-date training, established systems & procedures – and 35 years' payroll experience between us. So there's no need for you to replicate all this structure in-house.

There are so many commercial advantages to you:
  • precision and accuracy in processing your payroll
  • huge cost savings (our annual fee may be less than the monthly cost to you of one person processing your payroll)
  • avoidance of payroll fraud
  • immediate compliance with the latest legislation
  • the responsibility of remaining constantly up to date with the latest legislation lies with us
  • providing time and resources for you to focus on the core function of your business
  • timely provision of professional payslips for your staff
  • detailed reports to assist with financial reporting
  • guaranteed confidentiality of all your salary information
  • expert knowledge and advice on issues relating to your payroll

Best of all, all year-round peace of mind that comes from knowing that all this is taken care of. So you can get on with running and growing your business.

Outsource your company's Payroll Administration - with confidence



is a full-service Payroll consultancy, we can relieve you of all of the following payroll administration hassles - and do so in a highly cost-effective manner:

  • Ensure that you have a detailed deadline schedule setting out all the deadlines throughout the month to effect timeous processing, salary payments and 3rd party payments
  • Capture all your monthly payroll input/changes for example personal detail changes (marital status, banking details etc..) overtime, commissions, bonuses, retirement funds, risk funds, medical aid etc
  • Generate professional pay-slips which are either e-mailed or printed on confidentiality sealed stationery depending on your requirements
  • Process all staff purchases, loans, emolument attachment orders and third party payments on the payroll and maintenance of balances
  • Provide you with a set of reports to verify your payroll for the month before finalised reports are sent
  • Provide payroll reports, as approved by auditors, in either printed or electronic format
  • Provide a summary report which will detail all payments that you are required to make to all third parties, including SARS, UIF, SDL (Skills Development Levy), Medical Aid, Pension / Provident Fund, Emoluments Attachments Orders based on the detailed reports you receive on a monthly basis
  • Liaise with your payroll 3rd party creditors on a monthly basis and providing the detailed reconciliations as required by them and handling all queries they may have
  • Process leave taken and maintenance of all leave balances
  • Manage payroll queries
  • Annually provide IRP5 / IT3(a) for each employee
  • Provide a reconciliation of all employees tax paid to SARS and completion of your IRP501 (currently a bi-annual process but this may become a quarterly process)
  • Electronic transfer of salaries to your employees' bank accounts
  • Electronic submission of EMP201 Returns to SARS on a monthly basis
  • Electronic submission of the UIF records on a monthly basis to the South African Department of Labour
  • Submit your Annual Return of Earnings to the Workmen's Compensation Commission and payment of the annual assessment levy
  • Submit payroll data to the Department of Statistics (STATS SA) as and when required
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant South African Labour Legislation which affect your payroll, as well as the Income Tax Act

Don't be caught out by regular changes in labour legislation and Human Resources practices.

Over the last decade South Africa's Human Resources environment has become far more complex. Recently-introduced legislation such as the Employment Equity Act and the Skills Development Act, as well as numerous amendments to the Labour Relations Act and Basic Conditions of Employment Act, impose significant new responsibilities on employers which includes higher levels of planning and reporting.

Many employees now enjoy new rights. One important example concerns the pay-out of outstanding leave on termination of services. Historically this benefit was calculated on base pay only; today, the statutory portion is based on the full employment costs to the company - thereby increasing the pay-outs made to employees.

The regulatory net has also been widened to include many more companies, including SMME's who now find themselves compelled to monitor and conform with HR legislation previously ignored by many.

All this makes Human Resources both more time-consuming than ever for smaller companies – but, ironically, also a greater source of potential competitive advantage. If you get it right..

Does your company pass The SHRS Payroll Health Check?



What SHRS can do for you on the Human Resources front SHRS

provides the full range of Human Resources services:

  • HR Administration: everything from capturing and maintaining the right level of employee information on your central Human Resources database, to administering and controlling leave, monthly and annual HR reporting, letters of appointment, increase and status change letters and all other related documentation (policies, procedures and forms). We'll ensure that your employer/employee relationships are always managed within the correct legal parameters (performance evaluations, performance counselling, disciplinary processes and hearings, etc..), so you can be sure you won't find yourselves at the sharp end of a labour relations dispute.
  • Legislated Reporting: We'll draw up and submit your Employment Equity Plan and Report as well as your Workplace Skills Plans, Annual Training Reports, and submit the necessary documents to assist you in your grant claims in terms of the Skills Development Act. That will ensure compliance and avoidance of unnecessary fines as well as maximise the financial assistance to your company in the form of Skills Grants. In recent years, SHRS has consistently assisted clients in securing the maximum permissable grant refunds allowed on annual Skills Levies paid to government.

What's more, we can do all this for you at a lower annual cost to you than you'd pay to an in-house human resources manager

per month


Outsource your company's Human Resources - with confidence



is a full-service Human Resources provider - making us one of the very few SMME's in this sector to offer such services. Our comprehensive and integrated range of services includes:

  • ensuring that each employee has an Employment Contract which complies with the requirements as set out in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • ensuring that each employee receive at least the minimum Statutory benefits as set out in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • ensuring that each new employee receives a comprehensive Starter Pack which includes all the documents and forms required (provided by SHRS) and that each new employee understand their contract and benefits provided by the Company
  • ensuring that your employee’s application forms are submitted to your chosen Medical Aid, Retirement and other funds.
  • ensuring your compliance with all the other relevant labour legislation such as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Labour Relations Act, Unemployment Insurance Funds Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Employment Equity Act, Skills Development Act, Skills Development Levy Act etc..
  • ensuring that you have the appropriate company policies in place (as per the Codes of Good Practice) and suggest a Code of Ethics for your specific organisation
  • ensuring that employees receive the correct correspondence for all HR related matters (increases, status changes, disciplinary matters, performance management etc)
  • ensuring that the disciplinary or performance management processes are followed and understood by your management team

SMME companies don't always have the facilities to keep electronic data and employee files, payroll recons and reports in a safe and secure environment. That means commercially vital data can be lost forever – unless it is backed up frequently and adequately. Or even stolen by disgruntled employees seeking to exploit confidential information.



we use

, a comprehensive software suite which, because it is physically hosted by Internet Solutions' Secure Data Centre, enjoys a high level of data security – without compromising authorised access.

We can also house all your hard-copy employee files on our premises, as well as all other payroll and Human Resources-related documents, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about data integrity and security.

When it is time for your annual or bi-annual audits, we arrange time with your auditors to access all the information they require from our premises. Or we can deliver the specified items to them for review, after which we collect it again.

You have complete control at all times over who in your organisation may receive and provide us with Human Resources and Payroll information. We ensure only designated individuals have access to such confidential and commercially sensitive information.

Keywords: Human Resources, Payroll Administration Services, Skills Development