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By: Shozi Holdings  11-11-2011
Keywords: Transportation, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management

Shozi Holdings (ShoziTrans)
is specialising in the coal and minerals transportation services, fuel distribution and supply.  Herewith our services:

  • Minerals and coal transportation.
  • Fuel distribution and supply.
  • Fleet transport management.
  • Supply Chain Management and policy development.

Our Value Ad Principles
Shozi Holdings is committed into the value ad principles to all projects in which they become involved in them. Our principles are as follow:

  • To communicate and teach our vision and mission statement to our stakeholders and staff.
  • Personal commitment and courage.
  •  This includes the capacity and willingness to take initiative and risks as well as to maintain composure under pressure.
  • Ability to motivate and to develop our people.
  • To identify and move the risk away from the organisation we doing business with.
  • To improve the service delivery together with the organisation.

Shozi Holdings approach to Service delivery.
In each route our client gives us, we make sure that we have adequate support services in case we have breakdowns. We deploy a Site Inspector in that route to patrol and make sure that drivers comply with safety, not speeding and there are doing the work for our client. The Inspector also has a right to recruit and terminate the service of the driver on misconduct including theft. Our Inspectors are highly trained in our operations. We also make sure that we have a contact person from our client in the operation side and to our client’s customers in case we have some queries in the operation. We study our client’s operation before we tackle our operation and make sure that we are in line with our client’s operation system.

Fleet Management of the project
Our company has its own fleet, but if our client wants more vehicles we always form a joint venture with other black own companies and manages that project.
Our company always in the front of any project to make sure that the client is delighted.


We first approach all dedicated routes with our client to assess various aspects such as safety, environment issues. We then report all our findings to our client and recommend improvement if needed. All our company client SHE-OHS policies get analyzed together with the client.


We submit copies of all our vehicles to our client to make sure that, those vehicles are allowed to perform our client work. These submissions come with the certificates of roadworthy to assure our client that our vehicles are fit to perform his work.


We provide our client with the list of drivers, copies of their ID, Pdps, and medical fitness test they went through. All other training we have taken them to be also shown to our client.


Our company makes sure that our drivers have safe places in the route given by our client and make sure that our drivers rest and work in accordance with the South African Labour law. Our company pays for the accommodations.


We comply with the Labour Law of this country; all our Drivers are entitled of 17days leave an annum.     


We have 2way communication radios in our trucks to make that the inspector track them where ever they are or if they are experiencing difficulties. We also have tracking system and panic bottons in all our trucks. Our office operates 24/7 and we have a dedicated person who seat and monitor the movement of trucks.


We make sure that our operation planning is in line with our client’s one, we consult our client operation. This planning includes documents processing, transfer from client to us, logistic planning and movement of goods/services. The system must always accommodate each other in terms of operations.

Keywords: Chain Management, Fuel Distribution, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Transportation