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By: Shine The Way 238  11-11-2011
Keywords: Web Site

Proto Balance Mail™

Scalable Mail solution from one thousand to one million mail boxes

Proto Balance Mail apportions mail boxes to different machines. You control where the mail goes for each user. You control who connects, how often, and how much mail they can send.

Proto Balance™

Load Balancing, Hot Traffic Redirection

Reduce downtime, save time, hot deploy, enable high-availability. No need to spend money on expensive hardware solutions - Proto Balance will run immediately on your existing platforms.

Proto Balance Advanced™

Protect Your Web Site from Denial of Service Attacks, Block Malicious Clients

With Proto Balance Advanced you will become the hero of your company's information infrastructure! No more can unknown clients load your web site with thousands of requests. Proto Balance Advanced monitors every connecting IP for excessive connection stats - automatically limiting them to rates that you can choose.

Proto Balance SSL™

SSL just became fun and easy. Secure your site! Try this turnkey SSL solution, Handle 1000 new SSL connections per second.

Whether you are setting up a secure web site for the first time, or want to off-load SSL to a different machine, Proto Balance SSL is the SSL solution that can be configured in minutes. Never has configuring a secure web site been so simple and fun!

Keywords: Web Site

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