By: Shieldcote  11-11-2011
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The Formula: ShieldCote materials are manufactured from 85% South African products and, were specifically designed to suit the harsh South African climate.

Our experience in the application of sprayed material exceeds thirty eight years. ShieldCote has a textured finish and has high volume solid for effective film build and bridging of hairline cracks. ShieldCote is sprayed under pressure through specialized imported equipment to ensure the ingredients bind into the surface. It is sprayed at the thickness of 0.8 litres per m ² resulting in a coating designed to suit the harsh South African climate. ShieldCote Masonry Pliolite binders offer:
•  Excellent adhesion
•  Helps to resists efflorescence
•  Highly alkali resistant
•  Helps prevent bacteria and fungal attack
•  Film formation in any climate conditions i.e. wet Cape Winters or arid hot Karoo .
•  Resists wind driven rain
•  Low moisture absorption
•  Breathable film will release trapped moisture or migrating damp ShieldCote Textured Spray-on:
•  Penetration of the substrate resulting in excellent adhesion
•  Excellent water repellent properties
•  Breathable system – low moisture absorption
•  Self cleaning properties – low dirt retention
•  Resistance to fading Once the coating becomes dry it becomes highly resistant to water and can be scrubbed without any damage to the film. It gives an extremely durable finish the will withstand the elements with a life expectancy of 18 – 22 years.

ShieldCote will resist chalking, collect the minimum dirt for indefinitely and although highly water resistant it will allow the substrate to breathe. It will not fail by cracking or chalking.

We Guarantee ShieldCote for 10 years against chipping, flaking and peeling. The Guarantee is transferable. Hence increasing the value of your property.We arrive on site with our ShieldCote rig, which consists of a three-ton truck and compressor. Our foremen are qualified Artisans plus five additional semi-skilled workers. We do not subcontract or use your electricity as we have heavy industrial equipment powered by175CFM silenced compressors. Application Process: We trench 1—15cm into the soil against the walls of your property so that we can spray down beneath ground level,
•  For tidiness
•  If in years to come the soil subsides or gets washed away-unpainted areas won't show.
•  As a safeguard
•  To help against rising damp and direct penetration.
  1. We mask all windows, door and other areas not to be sprayed. Creepers and plants in the immediate vicinity are tied down and covered and drop sheets are placed around the house and on swimming pools so that these areas remain clean and tidy.
  2. We mask onto all door and window frames (5mm) to prevent moistures entering between the frames and the walls. The masking tape allows us to spray in tight and in a straight line so that there are no messy edges.
  3. Then we:

•  Sandblast stipple/Spanish plaster, face brick or very oxidized painted surfaces with special silica No. 1 sand at 25kg's/10m ².
•  Disc with high-speed pneumatic air grinders.

Preparation is the most important part of the whole process. 80% of our task is taken up with preparation. We remove off all the loose and oxidized paint giving us a firm base to work on.
  1. Pliolite AC80 Shield-Dry is rolled onto the walls. It penetrates into surface and binds the plaster “anchoring” the coating film to the wall.
  2. Pliolite resins are microporous and act, like the skin of humans. They are sufficiently impermeable to resist the penetration of rainwater, yet thanks to their microporous nature and excellent adhesion allow entrapped moisture to escape without blistering or adhesion loss.
  3. The walls will then be skimmed (smooth walls) or block brushed (rough walls) with Resiplast which is a specially formulated product for bridging all the numerous plaster and hairline cracks giving the walls a smooth and uniform surface.

All severe plaster cracks and structured cracks will be opened out, reinforced with Masonry Patching Plaster leaving a 5mm valley to be filled and smoothed off with a flexible silicone sealant and then covered with a glassfibre membrane tissue and skimmed with Masonry Resiplast.

  1. A Masonry smooth Pliolite undercoat is then applied to the plaster – either by roller or sprayed depending on the surface. .
  2. Textured ShieldCote is then sprayed onto the walls at a very high pressure (500 pounds/square inch nozzle pressure). This imbeds the material and binds the ShieldCote to the walls like two pieces of metal being welded together. Material is sprayed between 0.8 and 1.25 l per m ² . Resulting in an application approximately twenty times that of a normal coat of paint. A qualified technician does the spraying and the ShieldCote takes between 12-24 hours to touch dry and between 3-5 days to become hard.

Benefits:Maintenance free property for the next 18 to 22 years. Just hose down the walls with water and a soft brush or broom regularly to prevent dust and grime settling. Stubborn stains can be cleaned off with a soft brush and mild dishwashing liquid.

Furthermore, a few years after erection practically all stucco surfaces show a considerable amount of structural cracking due to expansion and contraction, water absorption and structural movement. In the past a typical solution to this type of problem was to caulk or patch the larger cracks then paint the building with a conventional thin material. This treatment failed to waterproof even the smallest of cracks while the larger patched cracks usually remained visible under the paint. The thick ShieldCote film bridges and waterproofs pores and small to medium cracks. Because of its thickness and texture ShieldCote hides most patching that has to be done giving a uniform appearance over the entire surface. Many industrial buildings have had one or more additions in recent years using a variety of building materials. The application of ShieldCote to such buildings contributes to a uniform texture and colour, greatly enhancing the overall appearance of the building.

Keywords: Door And Window Frames, Film, Plaster, Walls, Window Frames