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Published on Wednesday, 05 December 2007 11:32
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The V-ester-Systems are 1-c (1-composant) coatings, with initiators, based on shrink-free, hydrophobic, modified vinylester. They durable protect steel and concrete constructions against very strong chemical, mechanical and thermal aggressions. V1 has a food approval certificate. V2 resists even better to strong acids, organic bases, solvents and high temperatures.

STACRETE-V  is the ultra resistant mortar for both horizontal (4-12 mm) and vertical (3-7 mm) applications on concrete. The mortar is smoothly spreadable and doesn’t stick to the trowel nor pulls ‘open’ during flattening. Walkover is possible in less than 3 hours, while full service is allowed after 3 days. It is not only tension-free during the curing but also in the long run, because its thermal expansion is comparable with that of concrete.

STACLINE-V   is the reinforced lining par excellence, which differs from the traditional systems because the glass or synthetic mats do not have to compensate the shrinkage of the resin. This way, it is well balanced and without tension, which has definitely a very positive effect on its superior durability.

STACLAM-V  is the laminar-scattered lining for the protection of concrete floors, subject to strong aggression.

STACFIBER-V  is the ultra resistant plaster which is reinforced with specific fibres, to close, equalize and protect concrete construction with lots of imperfections (e.g. Ω holes).

STACOAT-V   is the universal, ultra chemical-thermal resistant coating system, for the durable protection of both steel and concrete constructions. It is applied directly on the substrate and also as the chemical resistant topcoat on mortars like STACRETE-V (improves the cleanability and ensures the mortar is completely closed) and other systems in vinylester, unsaturated polyester, urea, epoxy, etc… Its anti-skid properties can be improved by scattering it with dry quartz or carborundum. Important developments are:

·         STACOAT-V-AS  : anisometric anti-static version, incorporating specific high-conductive nano-graphite

·         STACOAT-V1  : has a food approval certificate, attributed by TNO.

The   Urea-Systems   are 1-c   (1-component) U1   coatings, based on specific poly-isocyanates. They have advantages in all areas: minimal preparation, easy application under all weather conditions, tolerant to humidity,   (ultra)   rapid curing, superb adhesion,   (ultra)   elastic, high chemical resistance and excellent abrasion and impact resistance.

The   U1-Systems   result from the reaction of specific poly-isocyanates with water, even atmospheric moisture, to form Moisture Cured Urea . They need no additives and have no potlife. They are applied under the most divers meteorological conditions and tolerate damp surfaces which are moderately roughened, even with UHP water jet. The thin layers   (standard 75-100 µm)   cure quickly   (even   faster with   STAC-U1-Accelerator ,   up to 80 %)   and are overcoatable without time limit. They protect constructions   (concrete, steel, wood, bricks, asphalt,…)   durable, combining extraordinary abrasion and impact resistance, high chemical resistance and strong adhesion with elasticity   ( ±   30   % ).

STACPRIMER-U1-Steel   is the steel primer par excellence, integrating zinc and MIO   (Micaceous   Iron   Oxide) , for the durable protection of constructions against rust and/or corrosion undercutting. It combines also the outstanding   U1   properties with selective accidental galvanization .   It outperforms inorganic zinc primers and is more surface tolerant than epoxy primers.

STACOAT-U1-INTER   is the intermediate and topcoat par excellence, for the durable protection of steel constructions, from interior and immersion applications. Because it’s free of any dark fillers (e.g. no tar, MIO or zinc) , it is also available in light colours. This is not only interesting for esthetical reasons but also facilitates inspection.

STACOAT-U1- TOP   is the aliphatic topcoat par excellence, for the durable atmospheric protection of a great variety of constructions   (concrete, steel, wood, bricks, asphalt,…) . It combines the outstanding properties of   U1   with excellent UV resistance and colour stability. It also has superior abrasion and impact resistance.

According to the evolution of the technology and the needs of our customers, we will develop these systems constantly and add new ones. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Keywords: coatings