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By: Shakelight  11-11-2011
Keywords: Torch

EDI-T Battery Free Shakelight

EDI-T Battery Free Shakelight is recognized as the world leader in battery-free torch technology. Our easy to use and highly robust torches are designed to work in any environment and more than live up to the claim to provide “light anytime….anywhere”.

Guaranteed torch light when you need it! Ideal for an emergency. Leave it in your car, boat, caravan or tool box. Younever have to worry about it going flat, getting wet or corroding.

Our Shakelight is genuinely battery free. There are several fakes in major retailers that claim to be battery free but are NOT. In all the cases we have seen, the battery (NiMH) is easily visible inside the torch casing. Take out the battery and guess what….NO light. The advertising is highly misleading and dishonest.

Keywords: Torch