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By: Shading Pro's  11-11-2011
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Edited press report. During a recent surveyin our metropolitan area, there was a noticeable shift from more conventional car shading and sheltering structures and garages (Brick, metal and wood.) to the not-so-new carports made from shadecloth stretched over a steel frame.

Now that shadecloth carports have lasted so well – and in all weather conditions – since their popular inception some 2 decades ago, people have realised that by simply painting the steel frames and restretching and securing the shade cloth or other covers amounts to a complete makeover. The bonus is that the genre is still very fashionable and might well last for another refurbishment in the future.

Semi-permanent carports provide vehicular UV protection at private residences, public parking, office buildings and public areas such as shopping malls. These carports are certainly an investment to protect the value of your vehicle and an investment to draw traffic to stores and malls where your car stays cool while shopping. Given the price of cars and light commercials these days, shadecloth carports have proved to be a sensible, cost effective investment.

In the business world, carports on auto lots attract customers as well as protecting the inventory from hail an d sun damage. Carports offer customers a cool shopping environment, reduce inventory insurance costs and lower inside automobile temperature by some 15 degrees versus conventional steel roof carports.

Not to mention the bonus of offering a canvas (No pun intended) for additional cheap advertising – a business logo can be sewn onto the shade cloth.

Modern carports made from shade cloth offer a ten year shade netting warranty and are engineered to meet local building codes. They are available in a wide variety of colors, will not mildew or rot or fade and will not sag over time due to a process called stentering.

We came across a company offering a new and unique concept in carport assembly; they complete the assembly without cables and offer contactable references from some big name companies. If you are in the market it may be worth looking at their website to see how they operate and do business.

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Keywords: Carports, Insurance Costs, Shade Cloth, Shade Netting

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When shade cloth awnings and carports are supplied at shopping malls people can open the car door and find it much cooler inside than if the car were left to bake in the sun. Customers take ownership of a shopping precinct more readily if they shop and move around subject to a pleasant and clement environment.