Releasat Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator Spore Strip Culturing Kit

By: Sgm Biotech  11-11-2011
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The color indicator provides visual results within 24 hours (steam) or 72 hours (EO) as opposed to the standard seven days.

Releasat medium is used to culture the SGMStrip in place of "generic" soybean casein digest medium and provides a more rapid read-out. Each lot of Releasat culture tubes are quality control tested with appropriate SGMStrips.


Releasat® for Steam Sterilization
Spore Incubation Sets/box Population Reorder #
G. stearothermophilus 24 Hours at
100 106 RS6/100
Releasat® for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
Spore Incubation Sets/box Population Reorder #
B. atrophaeus 72 Hours at
100 106 RG/100


Please follow instructions provided with each box of Releasat.

  1. Place the spore strip biological indicator inside product or product package and place in the most difficult location to sterilize.
  2. Place a sufficient number of spore strips throughout the load to be sterilized. NOTE: Generally, a minimum of 10 units are used.
  3. Expose the load to the validated sterilization cycle.
  4. Following exposure, remove the spore strip biological indicators and transfer them to the laboratory for culture.
  5. In the laboratory: Using strict aseptic techniques and working in a Class 100 certified work station, transfer each biological indicator to an appropriate tube of Releasat Culture media.
  6. Incubate the strips in the Releasat media at 55-60°C (steam) or 37° ± 1°C (EO). NOTE: Maintaining this temperature is critical to achieve accurate results. Their placement in an optimized growth environment is necessary to gain accurate results. The media should be observed for color change at 12 and 24 hours (steam) or 24, 48, and 72 hours (EO). If the spores survive the sterilization cycle, the Releasat media will turn from purple to yellow in 24 hours (steam), or red to yellow in 72 hours (EO).
  7. Record test results.
  8. Autoclave all positive samples prior to discarding.


Room temperature.


12 months from date of manufacture.


SGMStrip biological indicators are traceable to a recognized culture collection and certified for population. D-value and performance using Releasat media. Each set includes SGMStrips and Releasat media.

Keywords: Biological Indicator, Culture Collection, Ethylene Oxide, Spore Strip, Sterilization, Storage Room,

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