Servco - Issue, Serve & File

By: Servco  11-11-2011

Our aim is to provide a service at a cost that will be less than half of your recoverable cost. Our service charges are calculated according to your requirements and are divided into four categories:

For our service as specified under the heading SERVICE, we charge the set base price as specified. Our basic service includes door-to-door collection and delivery within 24 hours.

You will appreciate the fact that our basic charges will be adjusted according to the distance that our staff have to travel in order to provide our service. The basic charge will therefore be supplemented by a premium calculated on distance traveled. If you need more than the normal door-to-door service or if you require an urgent service, our charges are adjusted accordingly.

The total cost of the required service, will be the total of the cost items as specified under the headings SERVICE, URGENCY, DELIVERY and DISTANCE.