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By: Sellmore Training Courses  11-11-2011
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More than 60 real estate documents and forms incl. employment contract, marketing plan, sole mandate contract, Agreement of Sale, monthly profit & loss account, new F.I.C.A. documents, etc. - bilingual.

Cost: R500.00 + shipping, VAT included.

A comprehensive set of lease agreements, residential and commercial, forms and control system.

Cost: R 500,00 + shipping, VAT included.

Over 400 ready-to-use effective mail drops, cards, long life items and newsletters to facilitate the agent's self-promotion (canvassing) activities.

Cost: R 300.00 + shipping, VAT included.

An 11 day programme to get the new estate agent productive and more knowledgeable quicker by using a day-to-day activity guideline controlled by the Principal.

Cost: R 200.00 + shipping, VAT included.

A structured listing/qualifying interview with Sellers to get sole mandates at the right price and better commission. Qualifying interview with Buyers to reduce window shoppers. Using NEW F.I.C.A. questionnaire in a positive manner when first meeting Buyers and Sellers - Billingual.

Cost: R200.00 + shipping, VAT included.

Present your business to the market (Sellers / Buyers) via these electronic presentation media and CD business cards templates

Cost: R 300,00 + shipping, VAT included.

Real Estate "Sales Talk" contains sales scripts and closing sequences to help Estate Agents to understand, counter, and/or overcome clients' objections and stalls, and to "close the deal". If learned by heart and practiced well, it will result in seamless presentations by the Estate Agent that will help clients to make decisions and act on it. It will also result in less time wasting, reduce expenditure, and increase sales. Every sales personality is catered for, ranging from the Pit-bull type to the Puppy dog.

"Success in Sales comes from 10% perspiration, and 90% presentation."

Cost: R 300,00 + shipping, VAT included.
R250,00 discount when purchasing the full set of CDs.

Full set of F.I.C.A questionnaires and staff compliance manual as contained in the Sales and Letting contract CDs, to comply with act 38 of 2001.

Cost: R200,00 + shipping, VAT included.
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Keywords: Cds, Estate Agent, Estate Agents, Real Estate, Shipping