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By: Selaki  11-11-2011
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Our Product Offering

At Selaki Sport & Leisure we’ve created an unrivalled and unique range of Equipment to cater for a variety of sports enthusiasts from the first time amateur to the full time professional.

Our Sports Equipment and Sports Clothing is taken from a number of high class manufacturers including Mitre, Nike, Slazenger, Dunlop, Speedo and many more.Our massive stock levels ensure that our customers can be provided with a fast delivery on their goods. Selaki Sport & Leisure endeavours to match our stock levels with the season, so for example we will ensure stock of Cricket equipment is at a high level during the summer months.We are currently adding to our range of Equipment and Sportswear. We are constantly looking at new manufacturers and ranges and where possible will try to add to our already huge range of sports equipment and sportswear.Listening to customers has always proven imperative to success, and our experience has made us to believe these points as the most important requirements,
  • Equipment that is specific to their sport
  • Extensive size ranges
  • Good quality Sports Equipment that won’t let them down
  • Aesthetically pleasing, tactile performance fabrics for Sportswear
  • Contemporary styles
  • Large stock holding
  • Competitively priced
  • Quality assured products

Our customers range from the amateur sportsman purchasing sportswear or equipment, to a large secondary school purchasing school uniform.


We cater for a variety of sports and pastimes, supplying professional sports equipment and sportswear for the serious sports person. Our range of sports equipment and sportswear includes the following sports Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, swimming and many more.


The right clothing is just as important as the right sports equipment. Our range of sportswear is designed to provide the correct degree of comfort and protection as well as looking good. From Tracksuits to Swimwear you can be assured that our sportswear will not let you down.


We supply a vast range of school uniform garments in the form of Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jumpers, Skirts, Trousers, Blazers and much more. Our school uniform can be decorated using embroidery or screen-printing. As with all our products our school uniform range has been specifically selected in order to provide the highest standard of durability and quality.


Selaki Sport & Leisure's workwear range is designed to meet the demands of the work environment. That is why our workwear garments are tested in order to guarantee they meet the necessary standard, and as such many workwear items are awarded the British standard and the corresponding EN number.


We are constantly striving to provide the latest and most up to date products and our swimwear range is no different. As with all clothing Swimwear needs to meet certain standards in terms of wear and durability. This is why we only supply swimwear of the highest quality in the form of products manufactured by Speedo, Nike, and Zoggs.


Selaki Sport & Leisure has sourced the market to ensure that our range of leisure staff uniform garments are specifically suited to the leisure industry and the environment in which they are worn. As with all our school uniform, workwear and swimwear items, they are designed to be decorated with embroidery or screen-printing. This means that our clothing is perfect for attaching your company logo.


With our range of corporate clothing, from shirts and blouses to ties and scarves, you are sure to find the style and design of garment that meets your requirements. Once again all our clothing can be embroidered or screen-printed with your company logo in order to project a corporate image.


As a marketing tool, few are better received by potential customer's than useful promotional items decorated with your company logo. Many of our products can sit on your customer's desk all year round reminding them of your company and what you do.


Many of our garments are designed to be decorated using embroidery or screen- printing. This allows you to attach a club logo to your sportswear or swimwear, put a school crest on your school uniform or place a company logo onto your workwear or staff uniform creating that corporate image. Whatever your embroidery or screen printing requirements our staff will be happy to help.


As a manufacture we have the ability to produce garments to your specific requirements. So should an item of Sportswear, School Uniform, Workwear, Swimwear or Staff uniform not be available in your required style or design from our stock range we will endeavour to manufacture this for you. One major advantage of Bespoke clothing is that we can produce individually sized garments.

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