Design Your First Segmented Bowl in 5 Minutes

By: Segmented Turning  11-11-2011
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The Segmented Project Planner is a computer program created to assist you in the process of designing segmented projects for the wood lathe; making the task easier, faster, and more accurate. The program provides the most comprehensive support available for segmented vessel design and construction. It runs on the PC under all current Windows versions and, with the help of Virtual PC, Parallels, Boot Camp, or VM Ware Fusion, the Mac as well. Registered users get free upgrades.

The Segmented Project Planner supports the beginning of the design activity by providing the Sketch-A-Bowl™ mechanism for developing an initial shape for your object. Starting from a simple shape, you push/pull on the sidewalls of the object until it looks just right. Or, if you would like to trace a shape from a picture, use the Shape-A-Bowl dialog. In either case, after developing that perfect shape, save the shape as a segmented project file with a specified height, diameter, and layer thickness. If you develop a particularly good looking object, a simple button push will transform it into a new starter shape for later use.

The Segmented Project Planner further supports the design activity by giving you hands-on manipulation and refinement control over each segmented project layer and showing you what it will look like. It then lets you paint individual segments with wood colors, complex segments/mosaics or graphic images. You can also establish open segments or vertical spacers. All this so you can get a very good idea of what the finished segmented project will look like before going to the shop.

Throughout your project, the Segmented Project Planner performs all the computations needed to completely describe your project. Just print the report, you can take it straight to the shop and start cutting, to get all angles, dimensions, and wood types for each segment of every layer. The program also prints angle templates to make setting up your miter cuts easier as well as segment and ring templates.

I used the Segmented Project Planner to do all the planning and calculating needed to produce the segmented projects at the top of this page. Its ease of use and accuracy have helped me to produce professional looking items and spend most of my time where the real fun is; at the lathe.

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Keywords: Project Planner