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By: Seeing Machines  11-11-2011
Keywords: Eye Tracking

Seeing Machines has been creating advanced eye tracking algorithms since the company was founded in 2000. faceLAB 5 is the latest release of our flagship eye tracking system and features significant improvements aimed at making it easier for researchers to objectively measure human behavior in a wide range of operational conditions and research settings. faceLAB’s unique eye and facial tracking solution offers users rare flexibility, portability, and accuracy.

Complete Face and Eye Tracking

  • Eye movement;
  • Head position and rotation;
  • Eyelid aperture;
  • Lip and Eyebrow movement, and
  • Pupil size.

Turn-key System for Ease of Use

Remote and non-contact, faceLAB’s automated algorithms can significantly reduce the time needed to enrol new subjects, allowing you to start collecting data faster. faceLAB comes as a turn-key solution that can be customized to meet your project needs. A variety of options are available for data analysis and visualization, remote-control, camera mounting and scene recording. Please contact us with your requirements, our team can provide a detailed breakdown of available options.

Robust and Flexible

faceLAB can be configured for almost any tracking scenario and offers a laptop solution for portability. The system is flexible enough to track users eye movements against displays of varying sizes, yet robust enough to operate in the toughest of environments within simulators and real vehicles. faceLAB is able to work with all eye types, in light and dark environments, and with subjects wearing sunglasses, contact lenses, and most eye-glasses.

Comprehensive Analysis

Analyze faceLAB’s data both visually and statistically. faceLAB’s 3D world model lets you break away from 2D eye tracking, providing real-time visualization of eye-gaze position in a 3D environment, both on and off screens. We are also proud to announce the availability of EyeWorks™ visual analysis tools, available now with faceLAB v5. EyeWorks™ is natively integrated with faceLAB 5 and generates heat-maps, beeswarm analysis and other advanced eye-gaze analytics over video, still images, web-pages and interfaces. Of course, your data is always yours, and faceLAB’s freely available SDK allows you to feed your data into MatLab, SPSS or the statistical software of your choice.

Expandable head-box

For studies requiring a wider field of view, faceLAB can be configured with additional cameras to expand the tracking range, allowing large subject movements, and analysis of eye gaze over a much wider area.

EyeWorks™ is a Trademark of EyeTracking, Inc.

Keywords: Eye Tracking

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