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By: Seeing Machines  11-11-2011

Track and understand faces like never before with faceAPI from Seeing Machines – now available for license.

faceAPI allows you to incorporate Seeing Machines world class face tracking technology into your own product or application. faceAPI provides a suite of image-processing modules created specifically for tracking and understanding faces and facial features. These powerful tracking modules are combined into a complete API toolkit that delivers a rich stream of information that you can incorporate into your own products or services. Seeing Machines faceAPI is the only comprehensive, integrated solution for developing products that leverage real-time face tracking. All image-processing for face tracking is handled internally, removing the need for any computer vision experience.

Version 3.2.6 September 2010 Now Available

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FaceLAB 5 is the latest release of our flagship eye tracking system and features significant improvements aimed at making it easier for researchers to objectively measure human behavior in a wide range of operational conditions and research settings.


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This means any driver can get behind the wheel without any time consuming calibration, annoying sensor attachment process, or any special knowledge about the system. No sensors need to be worn by the driver; a remote sensor on the dashboard observes the face of the driver and measures eyelid closure. The DSS-IVS (in vehicle system) measures the eyelid opening of the driver, and based on this data derives the drowsiness state.