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By: Sedo  11-11-2011
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Sedo's Domain Escrow service offers a secure financial intermediary for both sellers and buyers.

Step 1: Receive a Domain Sales Contract

Both parties receive a sales contract which is professionally drawn up to suit the needs of domain or website sales. The sales agreement can be reviewed and agreed to from within your member account. 

Step 2: Payment to Escrow Account

The buyer places the funds in Sedo's Escrow account via wire transfer, Paypal, or credit card (credit card only for transactions under $500).

Step 3: Technical Domain Transfer

Sedo works with both parties and their registrars to quickly and securely transfer the domain. Through our large network of registrars we can ensure the most efficient transfer possible.

Step 4: Payment to Seller

Once Sedo can confirm that the buyer is the owner of the domain name, we remit the funds to the domain seller and the transaction is finished.

  • Free of charge for all domains purchased through Sedo.
  • Domain Sales Contracts for legal protection for both buyers and sellers.
  • A secure financial intermediary to ensure your payment is safe.
  • Personal assistance to reduce the risk that your domain will be lost through fraud or technical error.
  • Domain name
  • Agreed Price (USD/EUR/GBP)*
  • Seller's Sedo Login Name
  • Buyer's Sedo Login Name
  • Confirmation whether the domain transfer should be kept private

*There might be additional fees charged to you by your registrar or bank. There is an additional 3% express processing fee added for payments over $500 made using PayPal. 

The information in this article was current at 08 Nov 2011

Keywords: Domain Name, Domain Sales

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