Domain Appraisal -

By: Sedo  11-11-2011

Domain Portfolio Appraisal

Our Domain Portfolio Evaluation is the right choice if you would like to evaluate more than 50 domain names. This is the perfect valuation for bulk sales, net worth assessments, and tax purposes.

  • A personalised estimate of each domain name's value.
  • The collective value of your portfolio if sold individually and as a package.

To order a Domain Portfolio Evaluation, please go to the Customer Support Centre and send us details of your domain portfolio via the Ask a Question page. Please select "Brokerage" for the Area and "Portfolio Appraisals" for the Topic.  

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Overview -

Quality domains improve advertising conversions, ROI, and search engine rankings while strengthening your online brand presence. If you don’t see a name for sale at Sedo, our expert brokerage team can secure it for you. Buyers can choose from the largest inventory of domains in more than 2,000 categories. Sedo’s domain marketplace brings buyers and sellers together.


Domain Transfer  -

Once Sedo can confirm that the buyer is the owner of the domain name, we remit the funds to the domain seller and the transaction is finished. Sedo's Domain Escrow service offers a secure financial intermediary for both sellers and buyers. The buyer places the funds in Sedo's Escrow account via wire transfer, Paypal, or credit card. Sedo works with both parties and their registrars to quickly and securely transfer the domain.