Alpha Damp Tiles - AlphaDamp

By: Second Skin Audio  11-11-2011


Alpha Damp is ahead of the pack in automotive sound deadening. With the thickest foil the industry has to offer, and premium grade butyl rubber adhesive, this CLD damper will demolish structure borne vibrations with unyielding strength and relentless aggression!
The 10 mil thick foil is 2.5 times thicker and stronger than most “extreme” damping mats, allowing you to use less material for better results, saving you time, money and energy. When you want an effective, efficient and strategic noise killing vibration damper, Alpha Damp is the only product you will ever need. Compare our game changing specs to every other anti-vibration pad around, and you will see that  Alpha Damp truly is the top dog in the sound deadener business. Nothing comes remotely close. NOTHING!

Other products and services from Second Skin Audio


Acoustic Vibration Dampening Mat

When used under our Luxury Liner MLV, the sound deadening foam acts as a decoupler, allowing the mass loaded vinyl to provide the best sound deadening results possible. When applied to the back of your cars upholstery, Overkill will kill automotive rattles and squeaks from your cars trim helping to make the ride feel more solid. Overkill and Overkill Pro are our closed cell foam decouplers.


Second Skin Damplifier CLD Sound Deadener Mats

This constraint layer damper is designed for street rod builders & car audio competitors and is the most aggressive and best performing sound deadener on the market. One layer of Damplifier Pro can yield as much sound damping results as 3 layers of some of our competitors products. It is twice as thick as our regular Damplifier, and almost 40% thicker than our competitors extreme damping mats. Damplifier Pro is our best vibration damping mat.


Mass loaded vinyl sound deadening barrier

Luxury Liner is a Mass Loaded Vinyl - MLV - noise barrier that gets placed on top of your Damplifier or Damplifier Pro to block automotive road. Luxury Liner & Luxury Liner Pro - Mass Loaded Vinyl Barriers - MLV. Blocks Airborne Sound Waves - Reduce road noise.


Sound Deadener/Sound Barriers

Unlike many aftermarket vibration dampers, Spectrum can be applied as an interior coating on the sheet metal behind the upholstery, or as an acoustical undercoating on the outside of the floor pan to create tomb like silence and provide mechanical protection from rust. Is a water based under coating designed to reduce sheet metal resonance and structure borne noise.