Sebenzana Power Solutions

By: Sebenzana  11-11-2011

Sebenzana Power Solutions is an agile South African power, cogeneration and energy solution provider.

Our focus is on supporting owners and operators of high-value and energy intensive physical assets in Southern and Eastern Africa. The availability, reliability and cost of the supply of energy is a major concern in this region today. Many companies are looking at alternatives for sourcing energy including commencing with the self-generation of power, whether for emergency standby and/or continuous operation.

Sebenzana offers a rigorous approach to sourcing energy requirements from pre-feasibility, through procuring, erection and commissioning, and ultimately operation and maintenance where additional hardware is involved. Building on our extensive power generation experience and our international industry network, we have partnered with suitable and agile energy and power companies. Our partners offer total support for worldwide power users including cost effective supply of refurbished power plant packages for purchase or power rental contracts. With the manufacturers and local partners we support, overhaul and refurbish power plant, including turbines, engines, drive-trains, controls, boilers, generators and auxiliaries as necessary. Our unique offering also includes the professional sourcing, refurbishing, repackaging and relocating of previously redundant power plant (50kW – 50MW units), with local, hands-on support and full warranties, when applicable.

The Offering

Sebenzana Power Solutions has four broad offerings in the power generation arena:

  • Condition assessment and monitoring of high-value electricity generation equipment for owners and/or operators. We have particular expertise in gas and steam turbines, reciprocating engines as well as the associated boilers and generators.
  • Broad range of expert engineering support for clients wishing to install electricity generation equipment. This applies particularly to clients who are sourcing new or refurbished equipment that requires procurement inspection and/or condition assessment.
  • Sourcing of power and energy requirements from alternative sources
  • Turnkey sourcing and installation of generation equipment in the range 50kW to 50MW We have partnered with established international suppliers that have many years of experience in custom-designing, manufacturing, overhauling, installing, commissioning and, even operating and maintaining, power plant.

    A wide range of equipment can be sourced, depending upon the client’s specific needs, i.e., fuel availability, duty, load, etc. We specialise in sourcing plant to operate in both simple or combined cycle (where waste heat is used to generate steam to drive a steam turbine) through our experienced specialists. In addition, we consider and advise on various strategies to optimise fuel consumption by utilising residual waste heat, such as combined heat and power, and industrial cooling applications.

    When applicable, when supplying refurbished and repackaged units, 2 key advantages come into play:

    a) Delivery time. Depending on a client’s specific requirements and availability of units, they can be generating power within 3-9 months of an order being placed. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), particularly of gas and steam turbines typically have significantly longer delivery lead times, often in the order of 2 years.
    b) Lower capital costs. Refurbished units typically cost 60-75% of OEM rates for similar new units. Such repackaged units are offered with warranties as per new units.