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By: Sebenza World  11-11-2011

The 20’ container offers 33 cubic meters of volume and payloads of up to 27 ton, depending on the local road legislation and handling equipment. In the USA payloads of over 18 ton requires special equipment and most western countries allow a maximum gross weight of 24 metric ton per 20’. For 40’ containers this increases to 66 cubic meters and 26 metric ton payload.

Containers can be open top, high cube, refrigerated, vented, heavy duty platform, open sided, liquid tank, bulk grain and have many other forms and applications, but always within the ISO frame standards.

The companies in Sebenza World have been shipping containers worldwide since 1993 and can advise you on the optimal use of this equipment to minimise your logistics cost. Our buying power assures you of competitive rates and our logistics expertise ensures that your costs are minimised by our team picking the best options for pre- and on-carriage: be it road, rail, multi-modal or coastal shipping.

Containers have placed international trade within the reach of even small traders. Please contact us for advice on your most cost-effective containerised logistics solution, maximising your profits and minimising your investment in stock.

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We take care of your logistics so you can devote your resources to your core business: we arrange collection, customs clearance, sea and air freight and delivery, complying with all regulations. We are specialists in EEC veterinarian rules and laws, providing our clients with the best care and attention at all times, down to the finest detail.


Sebenza World Road Transport

In the Netherlands the road infrastructure is superb, permitting the highest payloads per axle in all of Europe and serving as an efficient system to distribute imports through Rotterdam to the entire hinterland behind, from Germany as far as Russia, Turkey and even the southernmost former USSR members.