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By: Sebenza World  11-11-2011
Keywords: Air Freight, Road Transport

October 10, 2011

Crossing Borders with SWL

We take care of your logistics so you can devote your resources to your core business: we arrange collection, customs clearance, sea and air freight and delivery, complying with all regulations. We deliver on time, intact, within budget. Your requirements are our specialty and are looked after by our dedicated staff.

Road Transport

Through daily departures from Sebenza World Logistics we transport both full and part shipments on time to every European destination. Everywhere a truck can go, we can deliver. All kinds of commodities are carried, be it general, dangerous, out of gauge or temperature controlled.

Air Freight

Both import and export can be handled to and from international airports, with all the right paperwork.

Sea Freight

We have excellent and long-standing contacts with Shipping Lines, independent agents world-wide and global NVOCC operators, allowing Sebenza World Logistics to offer truly global shipping services. Both LCL and FCL can be offered, as well as coastal shipping, river barging, breakbulk shipping and bulk consignments for suitable commodities. We will take good care your shipments.


SWL’s strategic location in Rotterdam offers the possibility for worldwide imports and distribution in Europe you with every sort of transport mode. The capability and experience of our employees ensure a smooth operation. Solutions in customs, veterinary and phytosanitary formalities expedite perishable and specialised consignment clearing. For this activity we offer support both in and outside the European Common Market.  Additionally, we offer the following services:
- Handling of all your imports: Tax, Certificate and special Import regulations.
- Transit documents.
- Temporary import and export documentation.
- Limited and full tax representations.
- All documents in respect of transport and storage

Our knowledge will support you in every Import and Customs challenge.


We handle exports all over the globe, not only from Rotterdam. Cross-trade shipping, with points of origin and destination outside the Netherlands, are handled on a regular and competent basis.

Dedicated ONE-STOP full logistic services.

Sebenza World logistics has the ability to be your dedicated partner in logistics and services: Direct billing, track and trace, just in time, internet information connections, pipeline management, stock control and accounts as well as full tax-representation establishes us your dedicated and strategic logistics partner where this is desired. We are specialists in EEC veterinarian rules and laws, providing our clients with the best care and attention at all times, down to the finest detail.

Limited Fiscal Representation (LFR)

There are two kinds of Fiscal Representation: Limited Fiscal Representation (LFR) and General Fiscal representation (GFR). LFR is used the most because applying this is simple and it offers many possibilities. Sebenza World Logistics has been able to help many and very diverse clients to save costs in their logistic process by using LFR. For practically every logistic situation Sebenza World Logistics can find an appropriate solution. Our priority is that all legal requirements are met. We also administrate
Intra-Community Delivery and Acquisition (ICD / ICA)

SWL could, for example, clear goods in Rotterdam that are destined for a German company. The import duties in the EU are then due in Rotterdam. At this time SWL takes the responsibility for paying the import VAT as Limited Fiscal Representative. However, SWL does not have to pay import VAT in the Netherlands, as this tax is transferred to the SWL VAT-administration. SWL will then pass that VAT on to the German importer as an Intra-Community Transaction (ICT). The German importer then acquires this VAT in Germany with an Intra-Community Acquisition (ICV). In practice it will be as if the German importer had bought the goods for VAT in the Netherlands.

Logistic concept

When goods are cleared in Rotterdam with LFR, the German Einfuhrumsatzsteuer (import VAT) must not be paid, allowing the client to obtain a liquidity advantage. Moreover, the goods are immediately free without any further customs interference at the storage and transport from Rotterdam. From the Netherlands the goods can directly be delivered to customers of the importer in Germany or in other EU member states. They can also be exported again to countries outside the EU. Many clients of SWL have their goods distributed from the Netherlands in smaller shipments. SWL can develop for their customers a complete logistics concept for the distribution of goods from the Netherlands both within and outside Europe.


LFR can be applied immediately without any investment. SWL only needs the authorization of the client. No bank guarantee needs to be issued. But SWL applies strict administrative procedures guaranteeing that the VAT will be settled in accordance with the European VAT-legislation. On this subject clear and binding agreements are made with the clients.

General Fiscal Representation (GFR)

General Fiscal Representation offers even more possibilities than LFR. With GFR the foreign company, represented in the Netherlands by SWL, can also deduct VAT from goods that are delivered to the foreign company. SWL can, for its clients with General Fiscal Representation, keep a separate Dutch VAT-administration, without the client being concerned by other Dutch taxes. This offers a large flexibility in the logistic and administrative processes. However, for the GFR a bank guarantee must be issued and it is customary to conclude a long-term agreement, while LFR is suitable for incidental consignments or shorter periods

Keywords: Air Freight, Road Transport

Other products and services from Sebenza World


Sebenza World Road Transport

In the Netherlands the road infrastructure is superb, permitting the highest payloads per axle in all of Europe and serving as an efficient system to distribute imports through Rotterdam to the entire hinterland behind, from Germany as far as Russia, Turkey and even the southernmost former USSR members.


Sebenza World Shipping and Containers

The companies in Sebenza World have been shipping containers worldwide since 1993 and can advise you on the optimal use of this equipment to minimise your logistics cost. The 20’ container offers 33 cubic meters of volume and payloads of up to 27 ton, depending on the local road legislation and handling equipment. For 40’ containers this increases to 66 cubic meters and 26 metric ton payload.