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By: Season South  11-11-2011
Keywords: Intellectual Property

Incubation Management

We offer incubation management in advanced manufacturing and materials.  Our services consists of taking a concept through the typical “innovation gap” towards small scale industrial processing.  This is the crucial aspect lacking in many universities and research institutions today.

Once industrial scalability has been proven, the technology can be spun out as commercial entity.  SSi facilitates the complete process of technology transfer, sourcing of skilled staff and project managing the process to meet financial and time milestones.

Successful activities have lead to the spin-off of a number of companies from research laboratories at universities and from large industrial enterprises.

Technology Scouting

We are active participants in Open Innovation, and have access to new technology databases listing more than 4000 technologies.  This allows us to not only know what the latest technologies are that will enter the market in a year or two, but also scout for validated technology that is ready for transfer and application.

We match technological innovation needs with technology offers, and provide assistance to companies to implement the most advanced technologies.

Technology Brokerage

Once a suitable technology is found, we guide our clients throughout the whole process of negotiation, and technology transfer.  We facilitate the whole process until such technology and related intellectual property is secured and put into production.  The great value of making use of a technology brokering service, is saving time.  This is since we already know which technologies are available, or can determine this within a short space of time.  It also allows our clients to obtain the right to technologies at an early stage before the technologies are “signed up” by other companies.

Technology Testing

Through our partnership with industrial research laboratories from various industries, we carry out testing of new applications in industrial trial sites.

This provides advanced applied research services to hi-tech companies involved in technology innovation processes in the sectors of electronics, ‘green’ chemistries, renewable energies, satellite technology, advanced manufacturing and water technologies.

Market potential assessment and commercial exploitation

We have much experience in determining the market potential of new and innovative technologies.  We understand the challenges and intrinsics of commercialising innovative technologies.  We will help you discover:

  • Who your target market is
  • How big this market is
  • How much you can obtain for your technology
  • At that price, whether there will be ‘intention to purchase’

From the market assessment, we can assist you in developing a marketing strategy and plan.  The aim is to identify and focus on the most profitable and accessible market segment.

Coaching and mentoring

Start-up entrepreneurs often wish they had a coach to help them avoid the mistakes most start-up companies incur.  Few entrepreneurs are so fortunate to find such a coach.  Since our success depends on your success, we also provide a coaching and training service to help you succeed.

Scaling up from Proof-of-Concept stage

New technologies are often discovered by universities and research centres.  These institutions however seldom have the capacity to take new inventions through its development phase from proof-of-concept to small industrial scale application.  We will help you put together a team of technopreneurs to develop new promising technology to scalable income generating assets.

Keywords: Intellectual Property