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By: Scibit  11-11-2011
Keywords: Security, mysql

The MyReporter CGI includes two main parts:

  • Report Generator, which will take your report template stored in either a file accessible to the CGI or a BLOB column of a report table or a template passed via a hidden webform field.  The template will be run and your report dynamically generated using your current/live/real-time database data and displayed to the end-user in either PDF, RTF or XLS formats.


  • Live/Realtime MySQL data, thus no static manual reports
  • Common formats supported and understood by everyone everywhere
  • The MyReporter CGI supports loading your database settings via an INI file which you can hide as to not expose your MySQL host, database, user or password to the end-user.  This is ofcourse only an added security measure, because you can use an username and password which only has access to your MySQL Server from your webserver's IP in MySQL Security, thus it is an additional security measure on top of MySQL's own security.  The CGI also includes a one way encryption routine, enabling you to encrypt your passwords for either MySQL or the SMTP server and store the encrypted version of the password in your INI file rather than the open text password.

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Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the MyReporter package

Keywords: mysql, Security

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