Schoeman Oosthuizen Incorporated

By: Schoeman Oosthuizen  11-11-2011
Keywords: law, Drafting

Commercial and Corporate Solutions:  
·         Drafting of and advice on commercial agreements, for example leases, deeds of sale, construction agreements, business agreements, etc.
·         Establishment of, incorporation and advice on business entities such as trusts, partnerships, joint ventures, close corporations, companies, voluntary associations, etc.
·         Commercial Litigation
·         Competition Law, Company Law and general Business Law.

Constitutional and Administrative Law:
·         Advice on and enforcement of Fundamental Human Rights and other constitutional issues.
·         Administrative Law, for example the drafting of and interpretation of constitution for entities and the enforcement thereof.

Conveyancing and Property Services:

·         Drafting of and advice on all agreements relating to property, for example, deed of sale, lease agreements, options, rights of first refusal, etc.
·         The registration of transfer, bonds, etc with the Deeds Office. Estates and Wills:
·         Drafting of and advice on wills
·         The administration of deceased estates

Family Law:
·         Divorces, maintenance disputes and disputes regarding guardianship and custody.

Labour Law:
·         Advice on and the drafting of employment agreements, collective agreements, equity agreements, disciplinary codes, grievance procedures, incapacity procedures, etc.
·         Management of strikes and lock-outs
·         Litigation and representation of parties in the Labour Court and the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration
·         Advice on and the conducting of disciplinary enquiries, incapacity or incompatibility proceedings and retrenchments
·         Collective Bargaining

·         Representation of clients in all civil actions in all the civil courts and quasi-judicial bodies such as the Magistrates Court, the High Court, the Constitutional Court, the Labour Court, the Competition Appeal Court, the CCMA, the Competition Tribunal, etc.

Notarial Services:
·         Advice on and the drafting and registration of antenuptial contracts
·         Advice on and the drafting and registration of other notarial contracts such as notarial bonds over movable property, maritime protests, notarial certification of documents, notarial leases, trust deeds, etc.

·         Recoveries of debts
·         Recoveries of vehicles in terms of the Credit Agreements Act
·         Mortgage Foreclosure

Third Party claims and Motor Law:
·         Preparation and lodgement of claims and litigation against the Road Accident Fund as a result of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.
·         Recovery of the balance of third party claims against wrongdoers.
·         Recovery of damages to motor vehicles.

Keywords: Drafting, law