SCB Roofing - Your complete roofing provider

By: Scb Roofing  11-11-2011

At the heart of SCB Roofing is an impressive team of staff who combined hold an extensive amount of experience. This team holds a vast array of skills that allow the organization to tackle almost any project that crosses its path. This amount of experience within SCB’s staff is a testament alone of the quality of work SCB is able to produce.

Through these skills SCB Roofing is able to offer the following services:

• Supply of all roofing materials

           -Timber materials.

          -Sisolation and Insulation

          -Preformed sheet metal.

         -Facia boards, Barge boards and all cosmetic finishing’s.

• Erecting of complete roof structures.

                -Fitment of perlins, hurricane clips and sisalation

                -Fitment of all bracing and structural timber for engineer’s detail

                -Fitment of TNG ceilings

               -Fitment of sheeting and tek screws

               -Installation of all major cosmetic finishes.

• Repairs and Alteration to existing roof structures

             -Replacement of existing roof coverings

             -Installation of Sisolation and Insulation

             -Location and Repair of any defects in existing roof structures.

             -Assistance in design and clearance of plans

             -Handling of ITC clearances and documentation.

             -Removal of Borer Infestations.

The service that SCB offers is proven to be of an excellent standard and this record is reinforced by the fact that Mr. Steve Liversage (An inspector for the ITC in the Pietermaritzburg region) rated the company as one of the top three erectors in KwaZulu-Natal.